Possible Reasons Why Men Avoid ED Treatment

man-no-sex-driveErectile dysfunction affects millions of men, and unfortunately many of them refuse treatment for their condition. There are a lot of treatment options available for men who suffer from this condition, yet only 25% seek treatment. There are specific reasons for this denial of treatment, and they sometimes they are combined. The result is a feeling of hopelessness and inadequacy.

While many men do not seek professional help for their ED, some do get treatment only to fail to get their prescription filled. Or, they simply do not go back for a diagnosis. In any case, in spite of the many ed treatment options widely available, they choose to ignore any type of method to help their problem. Whatever the case, the number of patients who deny treatment is growing.

What are the possible reasons for this denial of ed treatment options? The answer can be a combination of reasons. The results of refusing treatment include hopelessness, depression and marriage problems.

Possible reasons why men shun ED treatment


doctor1What man wants to admit that he has erectile dysfunction and needs ED meds? Not many, that's for sure. The last thing they want to do is admit to anyone else that they have trouble getting an erection and/or keeping it. Even if the treatment is at their disposal, some men will not bite the bullet and admit that they have a physical problem that can be helped.


It is no secret that ed treatment options are not cheap. This could certainly deter any man from considering treatment. The costs vary for different medications, but most ED meds cost about $4 per pill. This can seem pretty steep for a man on a budget or who does not have health insurance.


Older men are the least likely to get treatment for their erectile dysfunction, even though the condition is more common in men of older ages. Only 18% of men over 65 are treated for their ED. Perhaps they feel that sex should simply not be part of their lives anymore. They might ask "What's the use?"

Lack of prescription

The under treatment of ED could be because some doctors simply did not offer a prescription for ED medication. This could be because the doctor did not think the particular patient was a good candidate. Or, maybe the patient did not respond to ed treatment options in the past. Another reason some men are not treated is that they get a prescription, but they do not take the next step by getting it filled at their local pharmacy. Again, this could be because of embarrassment and shame, and they don't want to go to a different pharmacy for anonymity.


  1. I agree with what you mentioned about the reasons why most men avoid ED treatment. I think the primary reason most men avoid it is not about the money but the embarrassment or fear of being bullied by their friends. I am a candidate of having low testosterone and my friends doesn’t know about this. I’m afraid that they might bully me and share it to their friends about my condition. If you can help me, if you have any suggestions on how to deal with my current status and not being embarrassed. Thank you.

  2. I agree with what Mark said. But it really is a shame because it really is a problem that could be helped. But so many guys would just prefer to be silent about it and suffer.

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