The Three Levels of Sex Addiction

sex-addiction-cycleSex addiction is becoming more prevalent in the addiction community. This is because there is a strong connection between drug abuse and sex. There is also a debate on whether sexual addictions exist and this development has been there for some time. Most people have the notion that one cannot be addicted to sex because this is basically what people do. Other people apply the definition of being addicted to alcohol and drugs to sexual addiction. The people who have a problem in controlling their sexual desires, thoughts and behaviors will have an increase in the symptoms and this may have a negative impact on their lives. There is a criterion that is used to determine whether one is addicted or not. This includes the presence of compulsion, loss of personal control, obsession and inability to stop the behavior despite having negative consequences. The people who are addicted to sex can be categorized in three levels and this helps to know the treatment that will be given to them.

Level One

The person who is in level one does not necessarily have to be addicted to sex. This stage is where the lust of the man exerts his control. The significant thing in this stage is that an individual who struggled to keep his sexual desire under control is no longer able to control it. The lust runs wild in this stage and there is a development of the addictive personality. There is awakening of lust in a man and when not controlled takes over to control the man. This can be compared to the first time a man gets high on marijuana. This makes one enter in a new world that they want to recreate. The individual who is in stage one stirs and awakens his sexual addiction and this creates an insatiable appetite that take over their life.

When the following things are done compulsively, the individual will be considered to be in level one of sexual addiction.

• Chronic and increased masturbation
• Increased affair and infidelity
• Having sexual intercourse with multiple partners
• Chronic collection and use of pornographic materials may not involve masturbation.
• Having frequent and chronic phone sex
• Having frequent and chronic cybersex
• Having an anonymous sexual intercourse
• Frequent visits to the strip clubs

Level Two

The common theme is level two is that the individual is being victimized. The person who is in level two is likely to face legal consequences because of their actions. This stage involves victims and the breach of laws. The people who are in this group are considered a nuisance more than criminal behavior because their behavior inflicts deep emotional wounds on their victims.
This is a major difference between level one and level two.

• Prostitution
• Having frequent public sex in the bathrooms or parks
• Voyeurism and this can be live or online
• Stalking other people
• Sexual harassment of other people
• Exhibitionism
• Frotteurism

The men who are voyeurs or exhibitionists will continue with this behavior for years and this is done in secrecy. Most people who are considered acceptable in the society are likely to enter into level two. This includes a teacher, politician or a Hollywood star that stops to pick up a hooker or makes a sexual advance on another person.

Level Three

This is behaviors that have boundary violations both legally and culturally. When an individual reaches this level, their behavior may cause severe damage to the victim that is involved.

• Child molestation
• Rape
• Incest
• Viewing an obtaining child pornographic materials
• Viewing and obtaining snuff or rape pornographic materials
• Sexual abuse of dependants or older people
• Having boundary violations of therapist, teachers, clergy or doctors

These three stages will help to know whether one is addicted to sexual activity and the treatment that they will require. This will also help to know their level of addiction and will help one deal with the problems as early as they can. Most people avoid the truth but their behavior will definitely catch up with them. There are many things that the individual will do and this will tell the other people that this person has a sexual problem.

This includes:

• Leaving a pornographic material on the laptop or computer and this can be reported to the boss or the management
• One of the children may find one of the X-rated movies in a stash
• One of your neighbors may report you to the police that you are peeping through their window
• Wife leaving because of increased infidelity
• Being reported of touching a child in an improper way
• Sexual harassment of a colleague at the place of work


There are three levels of sexual addiction that an individual may present with when they have sexual addiction. Level one is where the lust of the man exceeds their control and there is development of addictive personality. Level two is characterized by facing legal consequences of their actions. This people are thought to be causing nuisance more than criminal behavior because they inflict emotional wounds to their victims. Level three involves causing severe damage to the victims and the individual is likely to face legal consequences.

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