7 Ways to Detach Yourself from Social Media Addiction

Social media is a platform of websites and applications where users create and share content to increase their visibility. Nowadays, social media has become so common that if you are not on it, you are not living your life in the 21st century. Social media has taken over everything in recent years, starting from business to personal and professional relationships. And with that, there is a luring temptation to use social media just one more time. People are so tempted to scroll social media sites endlessly that it develops into a social media addiction. People are always on their phones, whether for checking updates from friends and family members or the news feed. In fact, for most people, it is the first thing they do after waking up and the last thing they do before sleeping.

This addiction to social media affects their performance levels at work, school, or even in relationships. While everyone appreciates a good selfie on Instagram or Snapchat, sometimes cutting off from social media is all that people need to maintain their sanity. If you are also dealing with the consequences of using social media too much, this article will explain the top seven ways that may help you crush your habit for good.

  1. Change or Turn Off Your Social Media Notification Settings

Social media notifications constantly remind you that you are missing out on everything happening worldwide. Do Not Disturb is your best friend if the constant notification pop-ups draw you in. Press the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone while you are working, sleeping, or relaxing to avoid disturbing your routine. This way, you will find it easier to concentrate on your daily tasks rather than neglect responsibilities because of your phone. You can also put your phone on silent or go to settings to turn off the notifications of selected applications. The bonus of this step is that when you come back to check your social media, you will get tons of notifications that will make the experience more exciting.

  1. Get a New Hobby or Create a Go-To List

Did you know people used to involve themselves in entertaining activities before social media entered our lives? Going outside, reading books, meeting new people, or roller skating was used to bring joy and happiness to people without even trying. On the other hand, social media is only getting people addicted. Hence, think of things that bring you joy in today’s life rather than doom scrolling social media sites and anxiously refreshing the page to get new notifications. Pick a hobby, such as art, music, dance, or anything that excites you. Learn new skills you’ve always wanted to learn but never did because of the lack of time. Once you indulge in these activities, you will realise how social media is killing you so much of your time. Also, addiction to social media can be compulsive; therefore, try to resist the urge to share your progress on social media.

  1. Make Social Media a Treat

Make social media a treat instead of something that you do regularly. For example, just like you get your nails done once a week or buy fast food only on Sunday because you feel like you deserve it, think of social media in the same way. Use it only when you have done something productive first. This way, social media will become your guilty pleasure instead of a necessity.

  1. Limit Your Screen Time

If you are struggling with addiction to social media, you can start by setting a timer on your watch or phone to limit social media usage. Begin the process by setting the screen limit to one hour a day, which equates to seven hours per week. Once you reach the limit, be strong and don’t get tempted to scroll for just one more minute. While it takes a lot of willpower to do that, the end result will be worth it. Also, the screen time option comes in almost all android and iOS devices.

  1. Delete the Social Media Applications, If You Will

If there are specific applications in your phone that you don’t use, better to delete them. Haven’t you checked Twitter or Instagram for weeks? Delete them. Deleting social media applications will also remove the temptation to scroll and check notifications mindlessly. Still, you can always use your laptop if you feel the urge to check social media sites. In fact, you should delete the applications that you use too. Going the extra mile to access your account will make you think about whether you want to do it.

  1. Be Meticulous About Who You Follow

Everything you click on or like on social media comes back to you on social media newsfeeds. It happens because when you like something, it creates a thread. While some information is useful or valuable, others may not serve our best interests. Hence, you must be careful while creating that thread spread. Clear your following list once in a while to kick out accounts you no longer find attractive or with whom you don’t feel any connection. This process is perfect for sanity and removing social media addiction. Likewise, be meticulous about what you share on social media. Give people something that makes them admire you, not loathe you.

  1. Quit Social Media

If you are getting out of control when it comes to using social media, it is time to cut it off entirely. Close your account or at least deactivate it and give yourself a reality check by having a holiday from social media. Go for a walk, a trip you have been planning for so long, or play with your kids. Decide a timeline for which you like to abstain from social media and inform your loved ones about how they can reach you during emergencies.

It’s Never Too Late…

Social media is not all bad because, obviously, it helps us find people we have lost touch with after school or stay aware of what’s happening around the world. But when you are rigorously using social media, there is a significant risk of developing an addiction. Hence, it is crucial to know when it is time to take a break and not let social media addiction take over your life. For example, we turn to social media to do something in our free time, but before we know it, it distracts us from what we should be doing really.

Therefore, if you feel that addiction to social media is hampering your personal time, whether it is for schoolwork or mental health, taking a step back from the social sphere for a while is no harm. And the top seven ways mentioned in the article above will help you do that. So try these and if you still don’t see any difference, go for social media addiction treatment. Various rehab facilities in the UK provide addiction help; you just need to go for it.

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