Are Chiropractic Careers Taking Off in the US?

Health care is important to persons living in every parts of the world and today governments are making much effort to stabilize the industry. In the US alone, there are approximately 65,000 practicing chiropractors presently working in the health niche and in some cases, some of them are making big bucks from their career.



The pay for a chiropractor varies and usually it all boils down to which location one sets up his or her practice. In 2012, the median pay for a chiropractor was $66,160 per annum. Today, individual earnings can be in the region of about $68,000 to $72,000 although some persons are making much more than this.

Job outlook

By 2020, chiropractors working in the US are expected to grow by at least 15%, which will make it one of the most fast growing occupations presently functioning in the country. One reason why people are taking after chiropractic health care is that this type of health niche deals in non-prescribed drugs and other nonsurgical methods, which make many patients feel safe. Employment change projected for 2012 to 2022 is supposed to be in the region of 6,500.

Medical stocks to watch in 2015

A number of medical stocks are to be taken seriously in 2015 and these stocks have the potential to put reasonable sums of money into the hands of investors who buy stocks on the stock exchange. Below are two medical stocks that seem able to take the market in this year.


MedboxInc is a medical company that is into the business of dispensing biometric identification medication to the public. In other words, members of the public can only use their system if they agree to use finger print sample. So far, the company developed a vending machine that is dispensing packaged pot to the public. The machine is free to use and is available to prescription holders who are clear to use biometric thumbprint scan as well as a debit card that has been issued by the company.

MedboxInc founder is Pejman Vincent Mehdizadeh and confounder is an Arizonian chiropractor known as Bruce Bednick. Presently, Bednick is serving as the company's president. Together the two men work to bring their vision to pass of obtaining a higher exchange. Recently, they achieved a part of their dream when they brought the stock from the pinks to an up-listed OTCBB.

MedboxInc started its climb once again after it suffered a setback of $4.30 low. Since early 2013, the stock began making some impressive moves when it started moving up from pennies per share to selling for over $100. 2014 saw a trendy increase of it from $5 to $45 per stock. Currently, the stock is trading at a market valuation of $180 million.

MedboxInc is one of the medical stocks that investors seem very much attracted to and in 2015 they are hoping to see a huge upward move of this stock. Owning this stock can make the difference between a win and a loss on the exchange.

Joint Corp

While The Joint Corp. is presently serving chiropractic businesses by selling to them franchises, still in the future it intends to start operating its own stores by acquiring franchises in various locations as well as pitching regional developers to get franchising licenses to operate independently.

Franchise fee payable to The Joint Corp. per location is about $29,000 and an additional fee of $14,500 for each location for its regional development. Still so far, the company has a 7% limit placed on it along with a marketing twist of 1%.

As The Joint Corp. continues operations in the health industry, it has achieved growth in its franchised sales revenue since 2010 from $113,198 to $3,773,953 in 2014. Since starting its operation, the company's clinic outlets have grown from 8 to 230.

On Friday January 2, Glenhill Advisors Llc went ahead and purchased 7,485 shares of Joint Corp in an effort to boost its portfolio. The stock was selling for an average price of $6.35 per share and in addition, it carries $47,529.75 in total value.

To further give investors a better look at how the stock is performing, analysts recently released their ratings to the public. Roth Capital analysts weighed in on December 9 with a $10 price target and a "buy" rating on the stock. Feltl and Co analysts on December 19 put a strong "buy" rating on the stock and went ahead with a target price of $12.45.

Joint Corp's quarter revenue stands at $1.82 million and analysts are expecting to see the company post its fiscal year amount of $-0 12 EPS. So far, the organization's one-year low is $6 and its one-year high is $7.20. In addition, there is a $6.35 and a 50-day moving average placed on the stock along with a $6.37 200-day moving average as well.

As the chiropractor health care niche continues in full gear, patients can expect an increase in service in this industry because of strong competition being generated among chiropractic doctors. Soon the US will see more persons getting qualified in this field and those persons in turn will expand the industry.

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