Understanding Obesity Treatment in India

The threat of obesity is increasing day by day. Along with obesity, it brings number of diseases to human body. Obesity is covering its hand on children, adults and young people too. With the changing lifestyle and eating habits, are making these disorders enter into our life.

Obesity is a condition when a person having over weight or say when the person is having body mass index more than 40. Body pain, knee pain diabetes and other related disorders are observed in people with heavy bodies. Blood pressure cannot be maintained.


What are the Causes of Obesity?

There are various different causes depending on single person. The listing activities play a significant role in increasing weight. These factors are genes, though this factor does not rule effectively but yes heredity is into person, poor diets and unhealthy eating habits, prenatal and early life influences, no physical activities, sleeping and constant eating, too much watching on television.

How to treat Obesity

There are numerous procedures and decisions when taking a weight reduction surgery. Every treatment varies from individual to individual, as there are several ways of treatment for obesity. As a common man, it is difficult to know which projects will work best for you. As usual, you ought to work with your health care proficient and talk about every one of these choices before settling on a treatment decision. Just a doctor can best analyze your weight issue and give you the alternatives as indicated by your wellbeing and way of life. It is imperative to work with your specialist to get best treatment for obesity.

Here are some types of surgery known for treating obesity:

  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy)
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery (Roux-en-Y)
  • Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch (Duodenal Switch or BPD/DS)
  • Adjustable Gastric Banding (Lap Band Surgery)
  • Gastric Bypass Revision Surgeries

All the above process give good results if performed in correct way under skilled surgeon and state of art hospital providing all the facilities.

A brief introduction of gastric sleeve surgery is given here : A small incision is made to reach the stomach making it small like the shape of banana. This is done after removing a large portion of tummy. This leads to low intake of food and hence results in weight loss.

Life after obesity surgery

The patient has to follow the guidelines as per doctor's recommendation. The diet and exercise plan need to be implemented in daily life. Medication after the surgery is to be taken regularly. The plan will effectively give you a surprising new body. Some complication may be seen in very few cases, but the success rate of obesity surgery is quite good with no complications and infections.


Why to select India for Obesity Surgery

Here you can list endless benefits if you select obesity surgery in India

  • Low cost
  • Top hospitals
  • Best surgeons
  • No waiting time
  • Hospitals with cutting edge technology
  • Multiple options
  • Good nursing facilities
  • No language barrier• Round the clock assistance

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