Choosing a Dental Practice in 2018

Whenever you read anything that has this “2018”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is for this year, but it refers to the current times or the latest things. So this article addresses the things to consider when choosing a dental practice in the times of today. There are things like technology that influence things in various ways; socially, politically, and economically. Let’s have a look at the things you should pay attention to in the world of today as far as choosing a dental practice is concerned.

A General Dental Practice vs. A Family Dental Practice

If you are living alone, chances are that you don’t care much about where you get your teeth checked as long as they do a good job. Be that as it may, having a favorite dental practice is more preferable, particularly if you are in a family situation. You have probably grown up in a family that had a family doctor; not in the medieval sense when the doctor came to your home or in the opulent sense where your family has a doctor who’s paid just to tend to your family when the need arises. But in the sense that there is a medical practice in your locale where your family normally goes to and there is a doctor there who your family is used to seeing when someone needs his specialties.

There is a reason why people always prefer to have someone dedicated to their medical issues, and the same is true for the dental field. It is more beneficial for you and your family when you have a dentist who handles all your dental cases. It saves your family time and money. It also makes it easier for the dentist to handle any special cases without having to consult other dentists since they have a solid record of your dental history. That’s the benefit of having someone dedicated to your family’s dental needs.

And there is the case of a family dental practice. In case you are wondering about the difference between a normal dental practice and a family dental practice, well, here is the difference; a general/ normal dental practice does have qualified specialists to deal with your dental issues but they may not necessarily have professionals who specialize in different cases like children, or the tooth pulp and root. Family dental practices often have various dental specialists who have specialized in particular oral related issues. This is particularly beneficial for a family with children because they will find family dental practices more suitable for them. Also, a general dental practice may refer you to other dental specialists, because the ones available may not have specialized in particular cases, but the family dental practice will probably have all the specialists you need in the house. Think of it as a one-stop dental solution, for your family. I bet you realized the benefit of being a regular in such a practice.


One of the things most dental clinics are bragging about today is the high tech equipment they use to provide their services. The thing is that the more advanced the technology being used is, the higher the chances are that the dental facility is equipped with professionals and you’ll receive better and safer services. One of the advanced technologies being bragged about by most dental practices is the digital X-Ray machines that they use to determine what’s happening behind your mouth. The thing is that these digital X-Ray machines emit less radiation compared to the traditional X-Ray ones. This makes them safer and more reliable for use with patients. There is also the use of intraoral cameras that can be used to project and zoom in on problem areas on a monitor. The more advanced and updated the technology in a dental practice, the more reliable it is likely to be.


For a family, personality is very important. A good dental practice is one where your family can consider an extension of their home. The people serving your family have to be friendly, easy to deal with, and those who you can rely on for any dental related issues. You must be aware that not everyone looks forward to a visit to the dentist, so a good dental practice will go the extra mile to make the facility as accommodating as possible.


You also have to pay attention to your insurance coverage. The main thing to consider here is how expensive things are. Some procedures may cost you more insurance-wise than others. You have to check with your insurance company first before taking some dental procedures. Simply; do your homework.

Credentials and Reputation

It is easy to overlook this because not just anyone can pose as a dentist. Nonetheless, take extra care and ensure that before entrusting your family to a practice, they indeed are who they say they are, or they have the professionals you need for a particular situation. Also, look at testimonials and what other people are saying about the practice. It is common to find testimonials on the websites associated with a particular practice, but I advise that you look for more testimonials at other places. The more they are and the more they agree, the higher the chances are that the practice is legit and reliable.

You should find a dental practice for regular checkups. If you are not in a family situation, a general dental practice will suffice. But if you are or intend to be in a family situation, you will find a family dental practice a better solution for you.

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