Lower the Cost of Your Health Care Through Preventive Health Care Services

stethoscope-2359757_960_720Believe it or not, the first and foremost cause of bankruptcy In the United States is health care. It has been reported byThe Balance that 56 million of Americans have a hard time of charges that has anything to do with the cost of their health care. This data was back in 2013 and you can just imagine how worse it could be at this point in time. With the numbers provided, it simply means, that 1 out of 5 Americans is struggling with it. It has also been reported there that about 46% of the older and retired individuals got into health care without being ready just because their health problems are already there before they could run for some cure.

So what is the solution for this? Well, if not the lesser cost of health care then your best bet would be preventive health care services. This kind of health care will definitely lover your health care cost because it helps prevent the disease from getting to you even before it even starts. You need not run to the hospital because of sickness since emergency room care in the US is expensive. The goal is to do away with that as much as we can.

It is sad to think that for most of the uninsured people, the emergency room is their primary go-to physician. Most of the US citizens have no choice but to bite the dust, especially if the person struck with the disease is uninsured. Some people would show up to the emergency room because they said that their physician told them to do so, not that they want to.

Patients who have already been affected by chronic diseases complain of not being able to afford the medications. They may buy the first few medicines depending on what their budget can afford but once they cut down because of personal financial reason, then they get even sicker. You could end up being in the emergency room with a disease that just turned into complications. The sad part is even without emergency room admission or hospitalization, chronic disease is very expensive to treat. Uninsured individuals will have to cover about 85% of the cost of their treatment for this.

This is where affordable care act comes into play. This was known back in 2013 as the Obamacare and was passed as a law. The good thing about Obamacare is that you can choose however you would like to get its coverage, whether through Medicare or Medicaid. Options are available to those who cannot get insurance like a subsidy. Some people could also be exempted; they just have to check first if they have been eligible.

The services for affordable health care are the following and their designated reasons why they are considered for preventative health care:

  1. Services for Maternity and Newborn. This is so because treating and counseling with a mother is cheaper than to try and treat babies that have been affected by fetal alcohol syndrome.
  1. Chronic disease, injuries, and disabilities. This will help patients to recover from a temporary condition such as accidents, injuries or chronic health issues.
  1. Mental and Behavioral Health. It’s important that such mental issue is treated; otherwise, people with the mental issue could cause problems affecting other people in the society.
  1. Laboratory test. This is because laboratory test helps determine diseases that can be prevented at the onset of it.
  1. Prescription drugs are what doctors recommend. You can get a reimbursement if you spent for it. Just have all your valid documents, like receipts as these will count towards your deductibles.
  1. Pediatric care. Is a must. This will help children, prevent illness they may be able to catch in the future if it had not been prevented early on.

Some examples of disease that can be prevented are heart disease, COPD, cancer, and stroke. These diseases are chronic and could be deadly but can be prevented if each of us will take care of ourselves the best way we can. We can choose nutritious food and regimen for our body. Example,exercise can help us keep our weight and blood pressure under control. This will help us in preventing obesity which is one main cause of cancer. Exercise can provide us a good blood oxygen supply keeping us away from heart disease and stroke.

You can actually make preventive medicine work for you. All you need to do is to be pro-active in determining symptoms you feel in your body. Also, help yourself by living a healthy lifestyle. As the old adage goes, “health is wealth,” holds true because it’s is only our health that helps us live our life to the fullest.

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