Can You Get Rid Of Gallbladder Stone Without Operation?

Do you experience a sudden intense pain in your lower right abdomen at times? Along with that do you experience nausea and vomiting quite often? If yes, do not neglect the symptoms as this can be the signs of gallbladder stone.

Having gallbladder stones have become a common problem today due to a number of reasons. Among many reasons that lead to gallbladder stone, one of the major reasons is an unhealthy lifestyle. Apart from this, there can be many other reasons that can cause gallbladder stones in your body.

There are so many people who may think it to be a general indigestion problem and may try natural home remedies or may pop in an antacid. But when you face the same problem quite frequently, it is a matter of concern and you should think over it quite seriously. Fetching the help of an expert is the best option at this time.

How Do You Recognize It?

So, the major question is that how to recognize that it is gallbladder stone that you are suffering from? There are some of the common symptoms that you may notice when you are suffering from gallstones and these are:

  • Pain in the right and the center portion of the abdomen
  • Pain in the back, somewhere in between the shoulders
  • Digestion problem
  • Feelings of nausea that may also lead to vomiting at times

Not everyone gets to notice the symptoms of gallstones. This is because the stones range in different sizes. It may happen that you have stones of smaller sizes and lesser in time, hence, you may not feel pain or discomfort. You may have regular problems with digestion. Hence, you should not ignore such problem of regular digestion and should seek the help of the doctor.

It is highly painful if the stones are bigger in size. Also, it takes time for the stones to crystallize and deposit. If you ignore the symptoms for a long time, you may end up getting these larger stones in huge numbers. This can also at times complicate your situation.

When you visit a doctor with the symptoms, you are recommended with an abdominal ultrasound. The test shows the interior of your abdomen where it can be seen whether you have got stones inside or not. After this, accordingly, your treatment can be started.

How Do You Get It?

Now a major question arises that how do you actually get such a pain. What is the reason that you can have gallbladder stones? Well, there can be many reasons because of which a person can start suffering from the gallstones. Some of the major reasons that can lead you to such a problem are:

  • Either excessive secretion of the bile from the gallbladder or not emptying of the gallbladder properly,
  • Excessive cholesterol secretion from the liver,
  • Excessive weight gain,
  • Not maintaining a healthy diet,
  • Not maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and so on.

Apart from these many reasons, recently it has been also found that the creation of gallstones also happens due to bacteria called Helicobacter pylori. It has been still not found that how the particular bacteria affect the gallbladder so that stones may occur, but it has some impact surely for the situation.

What Are The Treatment Procedures?

When someone is detected with gallbladder stones, one of the most common talked about the procedure is that of a surgery. Surgeons make use of the laparoscopic procedure in extracting the stones out of the gallbladder. Though the medical experts state this to be the best option, there have been noticed a number of drawbacks of this procedure. Some patients have claimed that they have felt pain and discomfort, though not as intense as before, after the surgery also.

If you do not wish to go for the surgery process, there are other options too to treat the stones. It is said that the gallstone cleanse process has been tested by many of the patients. The patient has to be on a typical diet that flushes out the stones from the body. There have been some patients who have claimed that they have even noticed stones during the cleansing. Though some people claim this method to be effective, medical science does not admit this. As per the experts, something that comes out during cleansing is not stone but salt extracts. Also, this is highly risky because the stones can get stuck in the bile duct and can cause further complications.

Treatment through natural medicines is the third way of treating gallstones. Do you wish to know how to remove gallbladder stone without operation? One of the best options is with the help of such natural medicines.

What Is The Best Option?

If you are looking for a natural option that is easy and also without any side effects, herbal medicines such as Acidim, Xembran, Seosis, and GC are some of the best options to name.

How do they help in dissolving the gallstones? They work in combination and provides some amazing results.

  • They reduce down the secretion of bile, cholesterol, and also bilirubin those are the reasons to get stones. This means, they also keep your liver and the gallbladder in a proper health condition,
  • They reduce down the oxidation tension on the liver as well as on the gallbladder and this also helps in reversing the stones,
  • Also, gut microflora is restored that enhances the metabolism and hence the chances of getting the stones again reduces down.

When you have started taking the medicines, you can start noticing the results within a few weeks itself. It is just that you should be a bit of careful and follow some of the guidelines such as eating low protein diet, having a balanced diet and consuming at an interval of every 2-3 hours, leading a healthy lifestyle, and many others. If all these guidelines are properly followed along with the time consumption of the medicines, it can be said that you can get completely cured of the gallstones within a time period of about 40 days.

If you have any questions, please ask below!