5 Ways to Identify an Expert Registered Nurse

The health care system continues to grow across the globe. Many healthcare professionals are coming on board to try and deliver unproven models of care. Because of this, the roles played by different healthcare professionals are increasingly becoming confusing.

It is easy to walk into a hospital and never recognize the position of the person serving you. All you see are people coming to you dressed in hospital attire, and you assume they are all the same. And the truth is, many people refer to some healthcare professional with the same title.

The nursing profession is even more confusing. There is a significant difference between being just a nurse and a registered nurse.

The registered nurse provides leadership of care. They base this on the current research, nursing judgment, and careful analysis. It is not only the registered nurse salary that motivates them to work. To be a registered nurse is more of a calling.


Before you even start wondering how to identify them, it is essential to understand the meaning of a registered nurse (RN). This is an individual who has received educational preparedness in nursing. They are then licensed by the state board where they practice their nursing career.

Why is it important to identify them?

Every patient has a right know who is serving them. The law allows a patient to question the position and integrity of a health care professional helping them.

The identification credentials promote trust and accountability. The nurse will be accountable for the services offered to their patients.

For a medical-surgical patient, it is essential to know the credential of those serving them. They can even write down their names for future reference.

You still need to identify a registered nurse. The following five ways are the easiest ways to do this.

1. They always have an identification badge

One of the requirements for a nurse to work anywhere is having the identification badge. This badge will have their names written for anyone to be able to read with ease.

Apart from the name, the badge includes the title RN. The title is to confirm to the patient that indeed this is a registered nurse.

In some states, the badges have some codes. If you are aware of such laws, it should be hard to know whether the one serving you is registered or not. It is crucial that you get services from a registered nurse.

The badge is the easiest way to know a registered nurse. Even if you don’t have any other clue, this alone should be enough for you.

2. The way they introduce themselves

If a registered nurse with experience has ever served you, you should have noticed how they present themselves. They don’t just say they are healthcare professionals.

For medical-surgical patients, the nurse will always introduce themselves formally. They may say for instance, “I am the registered nurse who will be caring for you.”

This introduction is critical because it reassures the patient about the qualification of the healthcare professional. Going into such a state is not easy, and one must be able to trust those who are serving them.

If that trust is not established, chances of paranoia are very high. And that is one of the reasons you need to ask the nurse to identify themselves in case they have forgotten to do so.

Sometimes you cannot be able to read the badges when they are busy working. Let them tell you precisely who they are and don’t be shy to ask. It is your right to know such information.

3. The way the dress

Another simple way to identify a registered nurse is through their mode of dressing. If you walk into a medical facility, you will notice the nurse from the kind of attire they put on. Medical facilities provide nurses with such identification to set them apart from other workers in the facility.

4. The duties they perform

There are duties that other healthcare professionals cannot provide you with. A nurse is the one who must care for you and while you go through the healing process. And their duties should be even the first clue to identifying a nurse.

5. Other identification credentials

Every state advocates for medical-surgical nurses to practice identification with professional title and credentials of certification. These credentials are used to establish the viability of the person serving you.

The employees working in any healthcare facility are required to wear identification. These include ones mentioned above.

Now you can quickly identify a registered nurse. Hopefully, the tips above are helpful.

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