Best Muscle Building Supplements: Know What You Need

SupplementsHitting the gym on the regular? If you want to see some real results, really fast, that hard workout of yours could definitely use some help, not to mention that it is of course important to give your body some time and chance to revitalize. In our short list down below you will find out what you need and why it is important to use some supplements, and how they affect your muscle growth. This is what you need.


To increase your metabolism rate, and to decrease probability of any infections and inflammation, you need glutamine. This amino acid will even help your muscle growth, and boost your energy for a short period of time helping your durability with especially hard workouts. You can find glutamine in beef, pork, poultry, cabbage, some types of cheese and spinach.

Nitric Oxide Booster

While we are on the subject of extra energy, here is something that might help with those lifting limits of yours. NO can help your blood vessels to expand, and by getting that extra boost of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, you are getting all the necessary enhancement that you might need for endurance and quicker muscle recovery, and of course growth. Don't believe us, believe the studies. You can find NO in watermelons, oranges, cranberries, dark chocolate, peanut butter, honey, and even in onions, garlic and salmon.


Carnitine is generally used as a fat burner, and this amino acid will help you get rid of that extra fat really fast, that is a well known fact. At the same time, carnitine will also boost your blood flow, helping muscles to recover faster and grow. Athletes use it on the regular for enhancing their stamina, and when combined with omega 3 fats, this acid will not just increase your performance, but also clear your thoughts, prevent oxidative stress and keep you healthy while you're building up those muscles. It's also good for your immune system, your bones and your heart.



Let's start with that revitalizing part. You will rarely see an advertisement for multivitamins anywhere, and this doesn't mean that you don't need them, on the contrary, it is expected and considered mandatory to keep your wits and health. Your diet probably excludes some of the important vitamins, and unless you are committed and absorbing everything you need in correct dosages, you can really benefit from multivitamins. A simple suggestion and yet, many choose to overlook the fact that their slower weight gain might be directly linked to lack of the vitamin B for example, or chronic pain in joints and wild mood swings which is just your reaction to tiresome exercise combined with low intake of vitamin C. Of course, keep track of the amount that you are using if you plan on doing so, and you definitely should.


Creatine is highly recommended for high-intensity workouts, and when we are talking about strength boosters this is probably your best choice when it comes to performance, endurance and is a very important factor for your muscle growth. For quicker start, for the sake of your joint health and better productivity in general you should definitely use creatine. There are some mixed researches about its benefits for your heart rate, blood pressure and kidneys, with 75% of respondents actually experiencing improvements while using creatine, but one thing all studies agree on is that it will help you with gaining muscle weight and power improvement.

These are some of the basic supplements that you have to know about. However, we forgot to mention whey protein, but if you are in the gym on the regular you've certainly heard about it already. This protein will surely help your muscle cells to repair, causing them to grow, so get familiar with it. Have a thorough workout everybody.


If you have any questions, please ask below!