Different Ways to Lose Weight


There are lots of ways to lose weight. Today you will actually be surprised to know that there over a hundred ways to effectively shed off fats and be perfectly fit in no time. But there is one common denoinator among all these ways to lose weight and that is discipline.

So let's wait no more and let's start discussing some of those many ways to lose weight.

Be the one to prepare your own meals. This is one best way to lose weight. By doing this, you will be able to measure the how much calories are you going to have for that particular day. Unlike when you are just depending on the foods which can be bought in some fancy fast food chains. Also by preparing your own food, you will be certain that it was prepared in a healthy way.

You should learn the proper serving sizes. This is important for you to determine the approximated amount of calories for a certain serving size. For example, the proper serving size of meat should just be about the same as the size of one deck of card. No more, no less. In case that you are already full and there are still some leftovers in your plate, do not force yourself to finish all of it.

  • Know the good and bad foods. Not all calories are bad. There are also good calories which our body needs to achieve the right amount of energy that we need.
  • Load yourself with fiber as much as you can. Fiber is very important in developing healthy digestion and in promoting high metabolic rate. Vegetables and fruits are good sources of fiber. So make sure to increase your vegetable and fruit intake.
  • Dieting is not all about fibers. You also need some other nutritional stuff like protein and healthy fats. These are very essential to achieve a well balanced diet.
  • Take it easy on bread if you wanted to lose weight quicker. But if you can't help it, you may choose too much on some whole grain bread. Whole grain products are complex carbohydrates which are much harder to breakdown thus giving you the feeling of being full for a longer period of time.
  • Green leafy vegetable salad is one best way to load up on veggies to achieve a faster weight loss but not when you also have it loaded with dressing plus croutons. It would be best if you substitute this fatty dressing with vinaigrette, olive oil or sprits of lemon juice.
  • Do not skip meal or never dare to starve yourself. Starving will cause your metabolism to slow down or even shut down. Another thing that could happen when you deprive yourself from eating is that you will have the tendency to eat more on your next meal to satisfy your hunger.
  • Eat 5 small serving but full meals a day rather than 3 big meal servings. If you eat more often, then you will feel less hungry for the next few hours.
  • Never skip a healthy breakfast. Several studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast promotes good and active metabolism, thus promoting a better way to lose extra pounds.
  • It is ok to munch on some snack for as long as these are healthy snacks such as cucumber, carrot bits and the like.
  • Avoid junk foods. Junk foods are high in sodium content which and bad cholesterol. Sodium will just increase your body's water retention thus making you look bloated. While bad cholesterol may eventually block certain parts of your circulatory system which may eventually lead to some health risks in the future.
  • Eat at a slow mode. Our brain gets the signal of being full after a span of 20 minutes. One of the best ways to lose weight is to eat as slowly as possible. In this way we think and feel that we are already full only to find out that we are not yet finish with the food served in our plate.
  • Have some occasional pig outs. As have said, never deprive yourself from eating what you want because there is a big chance that you will eat more especially when you start pitying yourself from being deprived from something that you love to eat.

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