Is Vaporizing Marijuana Better than Smoking It?

gegtwgrtWhen it comes to inhaling weed, there are two ways of doing it: vaping or smoking.

Vaping might seem the best choice due to the many advantages that it has but it may not be so.

Smoking, on the other hand, may seem a little old-fashioned or backward and that’s why the following points will help you make a choice of what works best for you. These points will distinguish between vaping and smoking from flavor, ease of use, effectiveness, discretion, and health.

Better Flavor

Vaporization gives a soft and clean flavor of weed compared to smoking that sometimes may be harsh from the burning plant material. It is true some hardcore people will prefer smoking the marijuana because they find the vapor less strong for them and would prefer something really hard but this may also vary extremely depending on the power of the unit at that time. Smoke is very thick and its use depends on the grow skill or type of strain and so most users prefer the flavor.

The not so good side with both smoking and vaporization is when the quality of the flavor goes down because you keep longing for the first fresh hit more and more as you go down to the finishing.

To get the best flavor, you can use vaporizing oils instead of the raw flower as the flavor will be much more present in a good concentrate than you can get with the regular weed. This makes it go downhill faster regardless of vaped or smoked.

Simple to use

In this case, smoking weed becomes an easier way to inhale it. It’s the most reliable and convenient way to enjoy weed. No matter how backward it may seem to light up a stick of marijuana with fire, all you need is a few pieces of rolling paper and a lighter and you are good to consume your smoke. With this you can do your smoke at any place, in any condition with so much ease and smoking gives you same experience each time you do a smoke.

On the other hand, vaping can be tough especially if the vaporizer runs out of battery or when the battery is too weak, you end up wasting your weed and you are equally left very dry and dissatisfied. Vaporizers might have a bad aftertaste especially if they are not properly cleaned. Thorough cleaning is needed before and after use of the vaporizer to maintain its fresh taste and smell. To learn more about vaporizers, you should check out imarijuanit.comfor several marijuana vaporizer reviews. They cover just about all types of vapes, including portables, desktops, vape pens and they also review e-nails.


A vaporizer may be your better option in case you are in a place where you do not want to disappoint the people around you. Many are times you feel the need to consume your weed but maybe the place you are in does not allow you to enjoy smoking. Like your pregnant wife around who complains about every little smell then passes near her nose or in the office when you have a meeting to chair in a few minutes.

Vaping may not be easily noticeable and this gives you more room to be discreet than smoking since its smell disappears fast and does not leave a trail behind you. You can easily hide from all the people who do not like the smell of weed. With smoking, a thick smoke may hang on your elegant clothes and beautiful hair or just your breath and might inform everyone that you just had a moment of consuming cannabis. This may cost you a lot especially if weed is not allowed in some institutions, social places and maybe places of work.

If you’re looking for a discreet vaporizer, this article will show you the best discreet vapes on the market.

Health Benefits

When it comes to health, vaporization takes the lead in the health sector. It releases just the important oils of the plant since it stays below the point of burning. The oils contain the majority of organic compounds that give weed its effect and so vaporization gives you the good stuff and not so much of the bad stuff. Studies show that the harmful output of marijuana smoke does not have negative effects same as those in tobacco smokers, most users especially the ones with affected immune systems would prefer to play safe with health matters since with vaping you do not need to hold too much smoke in your lungs and this is why majority of elderly people will prefer vaping.

However, there is a challenge in finding a vaporizer that will produce clean vapor and of good standard. Many of the vaporizers in the market are made with minimal oversight and regulation and this may affect the clean vapor produced by the portable ones. It is advisable to stick to the ones with ceramic heating elements that are of high quality than the ones made of glass, steel or fiber. With a good vaporizer, you are guaranteed of clean, healthy and good quality weed.

To learn more about the health benefits of vaping, be sure to read this study:

In the study they tested the health benefits of vaporizing, in comparison to smoking. It’s an interesting read to say the least.


Vaping effects seem to be minimal in the body since it does not last for long and this calls for more sessions compared to smoking which is more intense and at the end gives a good relaxation though you may feel lazy. You can smoke less weed and have more effect than when you vape.

A good vaporizer with the temperature set right should be able to extract all the terpenes out of the marijuana plant but there is always room for error since it’s not all vaporizers come in good shape and quality. If the temperature is too low, you will likely get vapor that is not so productive and of low quality and one that lacks the satisfaction, you get from full combustion. This reason makes smoking a preferred choice.

If you are looking for a clean and healthy way to consume marijuana or if you are a party lover who cannot do without weed, then vaping is the way to go. If you do not want the hustle with batteries and maintenance of vaporizers and you feel cool with just a lighter and rolls, then classics will suit you. With that you can make the choice of what works for you.

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