Remove Fat Deposits: Things you should know about Liposculpture

LiposculptureAs the name indicates, Lip means fat and sculpture means re-shaping the body with extra fats. Additional fat among women have been a major concern for the fashion and self conscious females. They leave no stone unturned to slash down the extra fat over our body and get the pleasing shape, which boosts up their confidence and self esteem. After all a woman always wants to look hot and sexy and with extra fats on their bodies, they end up looking shabby and overage, which they would never tend to forget. Generally speaking Liposculpture is a method wherein the fats are not removed but are shaped to get a pleasing shape. Now, let's check how doctors can remove the fat deposits using the process of Liposculpture.

What is Liposculpture?

Liposculpture can be called as a minimally invasive treatment option to get rid of extra fats and thus remain an alternative to traditional procedures like liposuction. This technique simply helps in permanently removing the unwanted fats via gently suction to shape, sculpt, tighten and smooth the body. This non surgical procedure is very less traumatic to other options since these are carried out using more refined instruments and thus give no bleeding or bruising, as well as getting faster recovery times. A number of patients can return to their work on immediate basis to their normal life. Also, you will not find any visible scar signs as the procedure are carried out using a very small size puncture sizes.


Benefits of Liposculpture

Liposculpture gives a number of benefits over the traditional surgical options like liposuction, which give enough reasons to go with this procedure. Some of the key benefits are as under:

  • You do not need general anaesthesia or IVs
  • Get more refined and small instruments, which create small size incisions without scar signs
  • With better control the precise body sculpting can be easily experienced
  • Quicker healing time duration with less discomfort and bruising/ swelling
  • No damages in the surrounding tissues
  • Removed fats cannot be used fat transfer techniques
  • Get the body of your dreams

Liposculpture Procedure & Recovery

This procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia, which is clubbed with intravenous sedation. The anaesthetic and styptic solution is injected through an incision barely 3 mm long. The fats are then swelled up while the fat cells become more liquid. Then the subcutaneous fat is sucked with the help of thin needle. The fats are then removed over the marked areas with the help of a competent doctor. At the end of the procedure, one can easily stand without any hassle or issue since the procedure is very much minimally invasive. After the surgery, the patient is sent to the recovery room wherein she rest on the bed for a while and just within 2-3 hours you are ready to leave the hospital back to home or hotel. However, you are supposed to keep away from certain strenuous jobs for a few days till you are fully recovered from this procedure. You may experience some amount of pain for a couple of days, however, following the instructions of the doctor and consuming certain medications can really help the patient a lot.


Final Verdict

The procedure of Liposculpture is one of the best options for women with extra amount of fat over their body. It is a non surgical procedure, which come along with a number of benefits, which the traditional procedures like liposuction fail to deliver. With small amount of healing time and less pain and discomfort, the patients undergoing the procedure of Liposculpture are back to their normal life. Now, you are all set to flaunt your body in your circles be in at any party or business event, you are free to walk out with pride and confidence having beautiful and slim body.

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