Easy Tips for Soft, Manageable Hair within Weeks

soft-hairHaving beautiful hair is what most of us dream of. Not only does it make you look good, it also boosts self-esteem and improves your overall health. So if you want to say goodbye to hair dullness, here are easy-to-follow tips for getting strong, soft, shiny, and manageable locks.

Skip a day between shampoos

Rather than washing your hair daily, wash it every other day unless your hair is really oily. Skipping a day between shampoos preserves your scalp's natural oil, making your hair healthier and shinier. If you have dry hair, use a conditioner every day in the shower.

Do not pull it tight

Some girls are used to pulling their hair into very taut buns, braids and ponytails. However, pulling your hair and constricting it with elastic bands can cause breakage. Use bobby pins or headbands instead. These accessories can sweep off the stands off your hair without causing split-ends. However, if wearing elastic bands cannot be prevented, don't wrap it around the hair many times.

Turn down the heat

Heat can zap the luster out of your hair. Blow drying, ironing, perming, or using any heated hair-styling tools may be tempting, but you must consider the effects of overdoing it. A tip is scaling back on what you normally do.

On the same note, showering in hot water makes your hair dull and brittle too. Always shower with warm to cold water to hydrate hair strands. it's also important to keep your hair and scalp protected from the sun's rays. So always wear a hat or a scarf when going outdoors for a prolonged period.

Trim your hair

Getting a haircut once every six to eight weeks can do wonders to your hair. Trimming can prevent tearing up the shafts, which helps hair remain strong and healthy. You don't need to be so drastic about it; a regular two-inch trim would be just fine. Consistency is key. So as not to forget, schedule an appointment at the end of your current appointment.

Brush your hair correctly

Proper hair brushing can boost blood flow and circulation to your scalp, helping hair grow longer and more lustrous. Brush your scalp vigorously at night, but don't overdo it. Too much brushing can also cause breakage, especially to delicate hairs. Bend over and brush your hair from the back of your neck to the top of your bead with a boar-bristle brush. Before brushing, make sure to separate the strands and break the tangles with your fingers.

Shower with filtered water

The effects of hard water on your hair can be damaging. Chlorine, minerals, and other chemicals in hard water deposit into the surface of your hair and create a scaly buildup on the scalp, making hair strands appear lifeless. To prevent this, use water softener systems or whole house filters to leave your hair soft and shiny.

Avoid unnatural hair care products

Most hair dyes and hair treatments are chemical in nature. Applying it on your hair habitually will not only make your hair dry, it can also do harm to your scalp. However, if you must apply it, do it only after three months rather than every three weeks. You can also use natural methods. Some use hennas or brewed coffee to hide gray hair. Other natural hair treatments include mayonnaise, yogurt, eggs, aloe vera, and honey.

Eat right

Many of us might think that our food has nothing to do with our hair. On the contrary, food plays an important role on the condition of our hair. Food rich in omega-3 fatty acids such a sardines, salmon, and mackerel can help you maintain a healthy scalp. That, vitamins and protein keep your hair nourished.

You can now say goodbye to breakage and flyaway strands!

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