Microblading Tools: An Overview

Being human, we have the desire to look good and even be admired for that. Natural looks are appealing but we always require to go a notch higher. Cosmetic products were made for this particular purpose. Over the years, makeup has evolved. Nowadays, the constant application of makeup has become a bother to most women. It requires a lot of techniques which may take a lot of time. Permanent makeup helps to reduce this time by eliminating the need of doing applying makeup each and every day.

There is a specialized permanent makeup technique known as microblading. It involves the application of pigments to fill sparse eyebrows or to even create the illusion of having eyebrows when you have none. This technique has grown to become among the most sought after procedures because it has proven to be successful. However, this is no ordinary procedure, therefore, it requires specialist to undertake it. If you are interested in becoming a microblading specialist, this review will help you start your business before you buy microblading supplies.

Microblading Tools

There are so many microblading tools in the market currently. They are of different shapes and sizes and all carry out different uses. Each tool depends on the technique and style being carried out by the specialist. This is a highly complex procedure which not only requires an expert to carry it out but also very specific tools to see it through. Microblading tools can be classified in the following categories;

  1. Microblades and Needles

Every makeup specialist will require a set of blades of needles for the entire process to succeed. These tools have to be sterilized to prevent any contamination and they should only be used once, that is, after the procedure is complete, the specialist should dispose them. Another feature is that the needles and microblades should be very sharp for efficient and thin strokes. Scarring should be very minimal. Women are different with very different skin tones and types, therefore, you should have a large variety of blades and needles to accommodate different specifications. Also, a holder for each needle and microblade is necessary.

  1. Pigments

Microblading pigments are the very embodiment of this entire procedure. These pigments are extracted from vegetable dyes and are mixed to create a customer’s desired shade. You should have a wide variety of colors which the customer should pick from. Microblading pigments are applied on the skin in the eyebrow area to bring out a long-lasting illusion of natural eyebrows. Do not confuse these pigments to those used in tattoos. These are thicker and give a fuller and an almost powdery finish that could be considered to be actual makeup. The pigments are applied according to the skin tone of the customer to avoid any exaggerations. These microblading pigments are not as permanent as most people would think. This is another difference with the inks used in tattoos. They are meant to last for about three years whereby the entire procedure should be carried out again.

  1. Microblading Pens

This is a device that holds the permanent makeup microblades. They use a highly-concentrated pigment to be applied on areas that would otherwise seem fake if a permanent makeup machine is used. It does not require a power source and is very easy to use as compared to the needles.

  1. Microblading Calipers

These are instruments used in measurement during the application of permanent makeup. They help in making estimations on how long or wide the eyebrows should be. The customer should specify the dimensions of their eyebrows so that they are pleased with the results.

  1. Shading Pens

Just like we talked about pigments, you will require to having shading pens. These instruments have different pigment and colors, therefore, make sure you have multiple shading pens just in case a customer specifies what shade she wants. They are very easy to use and can easily be held by hand.

  1. Definition Tools

To really bring out the beauty of a woman’s face, the eyebrows can be designed in an elegant way according to the customer’s specifications. There are tools used to bring out these designs with maximum precision such as sticky rulers, measurement rulers, drawing pencils, corrector sticks and saline pastes. The measurement rulers are used to approximate the length and width of the eyebrows according to a customer’s specifications. The drawing pencils will help define the shape of the eyebrows. Corrector sticks and saline paste are used to correct any mistakes that may have been made during the procedure. Without these tools, and so many more, this beauty procedure cannot be carried out to specification.

  1. Hygiene

Last but not least the level of care during the procedure should be top notch. Remember, you are dealing with the human skin which is very sensitive and susceptible to conditions and diseases such as acne. Sterilizing the blades and needles was the first step in ensuring the procedure is hygienic. The second is using those tools only once and disposing them carefully. Also, you should have special clothes for use only during the procedure such as aprons, gloves and gas masks. This help in the prevention of the transmission of any microorganisms. A barrier film should be put around the area of the procedure to contain any infections. Anesthesia should be used in controlled amounts for the comfort of the customer for better results. A barrier cream should be availed to the customers to help in the healing process and to prevent any contamination from the surroundings. The procedure should be very safe and clean to improve the quality.

I hope you now have an idea of the tools you will need when carrying out microblading. If you did not grasp how best to use the tools, download tutorials which will guide you step-by-step on how to carry out the procedure. Make sure you have all these tools and more in your beauty salon to provide your customers with the best service you can provide.

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