Looking for Hair Transplant? 5 Must Knows

Most men are of the belief that hair restoration procedures, especially surgical ones, are made entirely for women and are not their cup of tea. That's what stops men from lookin for treatments, even though they've started experiencing the problem of hair loss, hair thinning and balding.

fadfgaDon't worry if you've no hair - there are a number of hair transplant options designed specifically for men. What's more, they help get the desired results in weeks.

If you too are amongst those men who are going through hair loss issues and wish to do something about it, then we bring to you 5 facts about hair transplant and what it can do for men.

1. Use of latest technologies

Hair transplant procedures now make use of the latest technologies which are so advanced that it has become quite difficult to guess which men have a hair transplant done and which ones haven't. ISHRS or International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery published a survey which stated that when a few men were presented in a lineup, 60 percent of the men were unable to identify which individuals had a hair transplant done.

2. Takes care of all problems

One of the most common hair related issue in men is MPB or male pattern baldness. The hair on the man's head starts to depart in a demoralizing and systematic manner and that too rapidly. It is most common in men between the ages of 25 to 40. Early intervention in the form of transplants can help get back more than 75 percent of the lost hair.

3. It is not in your genes!

Well, 40 percent of the men who suffer from male pattern baldness think that the problem has been passed down from one of their parents or their families and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. However, when you start considering hair transplant, the options are endless and the results incredible.

4. You can have hair loss any time

A fast paced and hectic lifestyle not only leads to ill-health but also takes a toll on your hair and skin. More than 60 percent of men think that they will not have to worry about hair loss or hair fall issues till they reach the age of 40. However, the truth is that two-thirds of the world's men are sure to experience hair loss before reaching the age of 35 and 85 percent men in their late 40's are sure to complain of thinning hair.

5. You're not alone

Men need to understand that they are not alone when it comes to issues like MPB or male pattern baldness and with the right procedures it can be treated to a large extent. U.S. alone has accounted for more than 35 million guys suffering from this problem with 65 percent of them opting for hair transplant procedures.

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