Makeup Tips for Women at Work

Makeup Tips

We agree that ‘Beauty’ is feeling absolutely chic in your inner skin, but reaching the workplace looking all flustered isn’t chic at all. Sure your office isn’t the right place to arrive in with smokey black eyes and bright scarlet lips, but a blush of aplomb blended evenly along the jaw lines with the kohl of poise tracing the lashes can make you appear modishly elegant even in work loaded hours. Moreover, a barefaced look will not make people doubt your capabilities, but a right balance of makeup will make a woman seem more perky and professional at workplace and help her in setting that perfect first impression wherever she goes.

Keeping in mind the time demand working women encounters on a daily basis, we have rounded up five must-know beauty hacks for all the professional mesdames. These little hacks won’t let any amount of work dampen your glitter throughout the day.

Conceal Right to Look Bright

Be it the puffiness due to lack of sleep or the intimidating dark circles developing below your eyes, the right use of concealer can help you look gloriously refreshed whole day. Quit what you are doing if you still follow the same old practice of applying the concealer by dotting it below the eyes, instead draw a triangle along your cheekbone and dab it gently using a makeup sponge. Once you’re done apply a hint of yellow loose powder over the concealed area and watch your skin dazzle like never before.

Keep your Lipstick Game on Point

Believe it or not, the lip-shade you wear decides the overall look of your face. Instead of opting for a bright and shiny lipstick, keep your lip-shade light and preferably matte. Glossy and shiny lip shades lose their initial vibrancy much sooner than the lipsticks with a matte texture and fade away easily. Here is the golden tip to ensure the longevity of the color smear the lip shade across your lips, now put a piece of tissue over and sprinkle off some loose power on it. Gently press the tissue between your lips, this will take off the extra lipstick and seal the color for a longer period of time.

The Eyes Have It

Keep your eye makeup subtle to get the perfect office look. Instead of going for the shimmery and dark shades, stick to neutral eye shades for a softer effect. If you have smaller or droopy eyes, do not forget to carry white kohl in your makeup kit. Apply the white kohl in the corners and gently blend it in to get the effect of bright and wide eyes. Once you’re done with it, use the mascara to complete the look. Double coat the mascara if required and you are absolutely “eye-ready” to head towards the office.

“Bun” for a Long-Lasting Hairdo

Wrap your hair into a tidy and neat bun to complete the perfect woman at work look. In order to prevent your hair bun from loosening again and again, divide your hair into two parts and braid them in two pigtails. Tie the pigtails close at the center of the head and create a bun by wrapping the two around each other. Secure the bun using bobby pins and it is done!

Trick to Get a Flawless 9-5 Matte Face

To get a flawless 9-5 matte look throughout the day, choose a fine quality primer that matches your skin tone. Apply the primer evenly on the skin prior to applying any other cosmetic and makeup products. If you have oily skin instead of going for a primer that gets off easily switch to milk of magnesia, MoM keeps oil away even in most hot and humid conditions and keeps skin super matte 9-5. Dab a cotton ball into the potion and apply it on the areas that get oil easily. Keep rubbing the skin gently till you can’t see it anymore and there you have the long-lasting matte effect you always wanted.

The above cited five tips are sufficient to give the flawless office look every working woman desire, but the internal care along with it also counts. Drink plenty of water and eat clean to give your skin the natural radiance and apply a fine quality SPF 30 sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful light radiations. Keep rocking every day of your office with these easy to do 5-minute Makeup tips and don’t mind a gentle touch-up whenever there’s a possibility.

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