Is Pain Really Beauty? Four Topics to Consider Before Going Under the Knife

black-beautyIf you are considering cosmetic surgery, you may be frustrated over conflicting points of view. Modifying your body surgically can be a hot-button issue among your friends and family, all of whom may try to sway you in one direction or another. Here are four issues, divided equally between pros and cons, to consider before making a potentially life-altering decision for yourself.Con-Anesthesia Can Be Risky

The vast majority of cosmetic surgery takes place under general anesthesia. Lots of people have a reasonable fear of it, and for good reason! Some people have negative reactions to anesthesia, ranging from mild headaches to violent vomiting episodes. Due to the various drug cocktails used, it can be difficult to know if you will react badly before it’s too late. However, the National Institutes of Health published the results of a study from 1999 to 2005 that places the rate of death due to anesthesia at 1.1 deaths per million people, per year. Only you can decide if one in a million odds are acceptable.

Pro-You Can Move On

Whether your cosmetic procedure is as relatively simple as a rhinoplasty to fix your crooked nose or a full upper-body lift to remove hanging skin after a considerable weight loss, the cosmetic issue with your body may be preventing you from moving on and enjoying your life to the fullest. While surgery may seem drastic, it can be a few weeks of pain in exchange for a lifetime without having your specific body issue any longer. Think of how much your unhappiness with your body is causing you, and how positive a change it would be to simply have it corrected and move on!

Con-You May Be Dissatisfied with the Result

Your satisfaction after cosmetic surgery depends greatly on what procedure you want, whether or not your expectations were reasonable going into surgery, and the skill of your surgeon. In a 2011 study published by the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, 83 percent of the subjects reported being satisfied with the outcome of their cosmetic surgery. Are you willing to bet you won’t be the one person out of five who is dissatisfied? Be honest with yourself. What would you do if you perceived the surgical result as being worse than the original problem?

Pro-Your May Experience a Surge in Quality of Life

A 2008 paper in the Dermatology Online Journal has an exhaustive list of overwhelming, peer-reviewed evidence stating that those who undergo cosmetic surgery experience a higher quality of life in the areas of their physical, mental, psychological and emotional well-being. This is especially true for patients who suffered from disease or deformity, or had their excess flesh removed. For example, female patients who had breast reductions reported less physical pain, gains in mobility and a higher satisfaction with their intimate lives.

In short, choosing to have cosmetic surgery is a complex issue with many facets to consider. However, you need to make the decision for yourself. Considering the pros and cons of surgery can help you decide what is best for you. Be sure to speak to your doctor if you have any concerns!

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