Questions to Ask Yourself before Deciding on Cosmetic Surgery

Woman-and-Cosmetic-SurgeryCosmetic surgery commonly called aesthetic or plastic surgery is a surgical procedure that aims to restore the form or function of someone's body part(s). Many people resort to cosmetic surgery because they want to look better or more beautiful, feel better and increase their self-confidence. Cosmetic surgery is a major advance in science that transforms lives, but it can become a nightmare if the patient chooses the wrong surgeon, or vice versa, since it is truly a mutual relationship process. If you are considering cosmetic surgery in the near future, you need to first ask yourself the following five questions:

1. Why do I want to have the procedure?

This sounds like a simple question, with a superficially simple answer. You want this to highlight your assets and enhance your self-esteem. But, is this aspiration coming from a place of rational evaluation, where you've mulled over the idea and researched your options and come up with surgery as your decision? Or if you are only pleasing others, convincing yourself that by lifting your chest or flattening your tummy, your partner will love and appreciate you even more, you'll feel better and your insecurities will become a distant memory?

2. Is this the right time in my life to have cosmetic surgery?

Depending on the procedure, cosmetic surgery can be an intense experience from choosing the right surgeon, deciding correct procedures and evaluating the recovery process. Your recovery will call for your utmost attention, so it’s not advisable to undergo a procedure that will have a long, painful recovery process if your life is already pretty hectic. If you are grieving, depressed, have marital issues or problematic children, then having surgery and battling a recovery period could prove too much. You may only do this once in your life, therefore decide on an appropriate time and keep in mind that this is an irreversible process.

3. Can I afford the procedure?

If you are struggling to make rent payments, then surgery is unlikely to be the best option for you. This procedure is, frankly speaking, expensive. Be honest about your financial standing. The procedure is quite expensive and could cost all of your savings. It may be best to save up first and wait a little longer until you are certain that you can definitely afford the surgery.

4. What is my support system at home?

Recovery from any type of surgery can be intense. Patients may need physical and emotional assistance for a long time after their procedure. There is nothing more helpful than a compassionate, supportive family, but this is not the case in some households. If your partner does not approve of your decision to have the surgery then you may have no choice but to listen to their advice.

5. Have I chosen the right surgeon?

You need to do your homework to find the best surgeon in town. It is important to choose a surgeon who is board certified in their specialty and one who routinely performs the specific procedure(s) you are considering. An experienced surgeon should be able to show you, the prospective patient, and many pictures of their work as well as readily available patient references. An accredited office surgery and discussion of who will be performing the anaesthesia is also very important.

Unless you find answers to these questions and get yourself fully convinced about the undertaking you are about to go through, be advised not to be hasty in going for cosmetic surgery-it might cost you more than what you bargained for.


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