Earring Type Really Makes The Difference!

Earrings are an essential style element used with almost all forms of makeovers and clothing. They are the most common fashion accessory that is used worldwide in almost all the cultures. Earrings not only enhance your overall appearance but also create a personality statement. There are many popular public personalities who are found using earrings as their style statement.

Choosing the right kind of earrings is not tough but a tricky job. You just need to understand the compatibility of an earrings type with your face. In this post, we would explore some methods and techniques that would help you to choose the right earrings design for you.

Types of Earrings:

  1. Studs – This is usually a small, compact and a single stone or ball based earring that sits directly on the earlobe. This is quite popular among youth and goes with most of the face shapes.
  1. Teardrops – Just as the name suggests, they are usually found in the shape of teardrops or dew drops. They are not bulky or chunky but very simple in design and aesthetics. A stone is embedded in the metal shell with clear boundaries.
  1. Dangles – Dangles have the specific purpose to dangle below the earlobes. They come in various shapes like square, round, curved metallic structures and even with angled edges. Dangles are considered suitable for all facial shapes; however, you should be particular about beads density in them.
  1. Hoops and Huggies – They are almost similar in shape, design and craft and come in round shape that go around your earlobes. However, they stand different in terms of size. Hoops are generally big and Huggies are smaller in size.
  1. Chandeliers – The design at the top is simple while clustered and detailed at the bottom. They hang down and feature a decorative pattern constituting the style element of dangles.
  1. Clusters – It is recognized by the stones or beads clustered together in a traditional design. These are generally suitable for events and parties.

Face shapes and most compatible Earring types:

Round face:

A wide cheekbone recognizes them. Teardrops and Dangles tend to enhance the features and balance the wide appearance of this face shape.

Square face:

This face shape is recognized by a well symmetrical square shape appearance of the forehead, jawlines, and chin. Hoops and round shaped earrings are the ones that tend to soften its sharp edges.

Oval face shape:

It is considered a perfect face shape. Almost all the earrings type goes well with this face shape provided that you should take care of the earring size.

Heart Shaped face:

The squeezed chin with a wide forehead recognizes this face shape. Teardrops, dangles, and even chandelier seem to enhance the appearance of this face shape.

Diamond shaped face:

The forehead and chin are narrower as compared to cheekbone width in this face shape. Avoid dangles and the earrings with sharp edges. Round and soft curved earrings balance the facial aesthetics.


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