Common Myths about Wrinkle Treatment

Facial TreatmentWe all wish that fountain of youth existed in real life too. But growing old is inevitable and so are wrinkles. No matter how hard you try to evade them, sooner or later they're going to catch up. Right from spending money on anti-ageing creams to eating all sorts of fishes, people will do just anything to ward off wrinkles.

But, before you spend your money blindly or take up different diets, you must know about the top wrinkle myths so that you stop doing wrong things and actually start taking right measures. Check out these seven common wrinkle treatment myths and their clarifications.

Myth #1: Concealer is useful in hiding wrinkles.

Make-up can make your face brighter, but it cannot make you look younger. In fact, wearing heavy make-up will make your wrinkles look worse. There are concealers which have tendency to accumulate or clump around wrinkles making them more obvious. So apply make-up properly and choose your products carefully.

Myth #2: Pulling skin can cause wrinkles.

Many people believe that stretching skin down while applying moisturizer or pulling it can cause premature wrinkles along with sagging. However, the truth is that pulling or stretching for short periods isn't responsible for lifetime of ugly wrinkles because our skin is resilient enough to bear brief periods of tugging.

Myth #3: Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles.

If you have dry skin, then don't fall into the trap of this myth. Wrinkles might look more prominent on dry skin, but it certainly isn't responsible for overnight development of wrinkles. People with dry skin just need to take care that they keep their skin moist. Doing so can reduce appearance of fine lines along with wrinkles.

Myth #4: Sunscreen is meant only for the sun.

People have this notion that sunscreen lotions are exclusively meant for sun. So, most people avoid applying lotion when they are driving or are standing under shade. However, the truth is that in these situations too, UVA can penetrate your skin, thus accelerating its ageing process and resulting in appearance of fine lines and brown spots. Hence, make it a point to apply sunscreen lotion even on a cloudy day.

Myth #5: Blame it all on sun.

Since sun rays contain UVA, so it is hold responsible for wrinkles. This is absolutely false. People who love late night parties and alcohol are sure to develop wrinkles earlier even if their skin isn't exposed much to sun. This is because sun is one of the factors of causing wrinkles, but it is not the only one. Improper sleep, stressful life, too much alcohol consumption and smoking - all these factors are equally responsible for faster skin ageing.

Myth #6: Expensive anti-wrinkle creams are keys to wrinkle removal.

Good anti-wrinkles creams are effective, but their effectiveness is less related to price and more to their ingredients. For example, anti-wrinkles creams with hydroxyl acids and coenzyme Q10 would be more effective in skin rejuvenation than creams with copper peptides. So next time you are out to buy an anti-wrinkle, check its ingredients and don't just go blindly for expensive creams.

Myth #7: Applying moisturizers at night has nothing to do with wrinkles.

Wise men say prevention is better than cure, and applying moisturizers at night does prevent wrinkles from appearing before time. Applying moisturizer at night after cleaning your skin helps it to penetrate your skin. This aids in retaining elasticity of your skin, thus preventing wrinkles to catch up before time.

If you want your skin to keep glowing even at forties and fifties, then better ward off your habits of excessive smoking and boozing. Ensure that you get at least seven hours of sleep followed with a proper diet and don't forget to carry your sunscreen when you step outdoor. These tips are effective for people who still have time to fight wrinkles.

However, people who have already developed wrinkles don't need to be disheartened because nowadays there are many reputed skin clinics where you can go for wrinkle treatment. These clinics help in wrinkle removal with anti-wrinkle injections. For more information on wrinkle removal process, it is better to consult a reputed skin clinic.

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