5 Reasons You Should Quit Smoking Now

You already know you should’ve quit a long time ago. While quitting smoking cannot happen overnight, you can definitely start with baby steps towards a cleaner life. However, this is easier said than done. Quitters should talk to a doctor first and take medicines to curb the addiction. Some smokers also consider vape initially, which have a much reduced harmful effect on your health. If you’re still looking for motivation to quit smoking, here are 5 reasons why today should be your last smoking day.

  1. Reduce Your Chances of Developing Cancer

Among the preventable causes of cancer, smoking is on top of the list. While the general population believes that smokers are only at risk of developing lung cancer, studies suggest that it can cause up to 14 different types of cancer. Yes, you read that right, 14. But how does it work? Basically, smoking damages the DNA which consists of genes involved in cell division and growth that prevent us against cancer making us vulnerable to growth of cancer cells in the body.

Another fact you probably weren’t aware of was that the body starts its repairing process 6 hours after every cigarette you smoke, provided you don’t smoke another one. This continually helps in neutralizing the harm your body is exposed to. So the next time you feel like it’s too late to quit smoking, you might want to give it a second thought. Some people think that vape, as seen on, is a safer alternative to cigarettes which is true to some extent. But still, vaping has its own consequences like exploding batteries are a threat.

  1. Benefit Others

While you might consider this as personal business, you’re putting others around you at a risk for numerous health diseases too. Passive smoking can increase the chances of getting cancer by a good 25%. Not only that, but it is responsible for thousands of lives lost due to heart strokes and pulmonary diseases. If you often smoke around children, you’re also putting them at risk of respiratory diseases and infections. What might seem invisible can take a toll on your children’s lives alongside yours.

  1. Decrease Chances of Getting Alzheimers

We’re all well aware of the havoc smoking wreaks on our cardiovascular and pulmonary system, or to put it simply, our heart and lungs. However, what still remains unknown to many of us is that smoking can also affect our brain and its functioning. Research suggests that the carcinogens released by cigarettes play a key role in causing cerebrovascular diseases which interferes with the blood flow to the brain, increasing your chances of getting Alzheimers at a later stage in life.

However, once you quit, the chances of being affected by dementia and Alzheimers decrease considerably with every less cigarette you smoke.

  1. Enjoy the Taste of Food

What good is life if you can’t enjoy your food? Ever heard about vascularization? This is when your taste buds lose the one job they have: your ability to taste food. Smoking makes your taste buds flatter, ultimately making them go out of shape. While the taste buds don’t vanish or reduce in number, they get really bad at their job, due to the damage it causes to mucus membranes. The brain’s chemicals responsible for recognizing the different types of taste and sensory recognition, are affected adversely, which is why you might feel your meal lacks taste.

  1. Look better

Although the aforementioned factors are reason enough for you to stop quitting, if you’re still not convinced, you will definitely reconsider your decision after reading this. Wonder where you get those pale and stained teeth from? Or have you been searching about how to get rid of those puffy eye bags and wrinkles? The cure to all of that lies in quitting smoking. Smoking not only ages you prematurely but can lead to other serious affects like tooth and hair loss as well.

While we often get off the counter medication for the effects, it is important to eliminate the causes of the underlying problem to recover completely.

Smoking is just one part of the healthy lifestyle you’re trying to adopt. In order to get total control of your addiction, it is important that you eat healthy and exercise on a daily basis. However, don’t go too hard on yourself. Reward yourself for going clean for weeks or months and achieving your goal. It is important to distract oneself and stay occupied with activities that you enjoy.

If you have any questions, please ask below!