True Religion Jeans-a True Global Phenomenon

tray-savage-300-polo-ralph-lauren-mountain-sport-shirt-rl-guide-louis-vuitton-initiales-belt-true-religion-jeansChanging lifestyles and a more discerning customer base has established a frenzy in the fashion market-that which was but a good and predictable market with limited needs and much more limited options has witnessed a virtual explosion popular statements and options alike.

True Religion Jeans have created greater than a mere flutter in the market. Began in 2002 by husband and wife designing team Jeffrey and Kym Lubell, True Religion jeans have exploded about the denim market. Already, they’ve been featured such publications as Vogue, The New York Times, and Rolling Stones magazine. If their tempo is maintained it is inevitable that True Religion Jeans will dominate this growing market within the years to come!

True Religion Jeans don't cater to just the famous and rich, although many Celebrities have discovered a favorite pair of jeans. On the contrary, True Religion jeans are popular among customers of all ages and incomes. They can be found in Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Alternatively, people who don't live anywhere near a large city and still want to buy True Religion jeans will go online to shop.

True Religion Jeans are true American jeans. As such, they cater to a wide range of people. True Religion jeans exhibit an assortment of fits, including boot cut, flair, straight, skinny and relaxed. They’ve jeans for men, ladies and children, with their main function being utility. True Religion jeans shine in any kind of activity, formal or informal. Unlike other brands, not every True Religion jeans are narrow in the hips and thighs, so even those who are not supermodels can squeeze into these jeans. Additionally, True Religion jeans are ideal for individuals who love to carry things around with them; oversized pockets are strategically placed for style and comfort.

Those who want can shop for True Religion jeans online through You can shop by fit, size, gender or style. True Religion jeans styles are given names; one of the ten different styles are Billy, Logan, Johnny, and Micky. Each style is unique, and yet each must meet a strict set of quality standards before being called True Religion jeans. Some would call their styles conservative, although the definition is unquestionably subjective. True Religion includes a more family-oriented style than other high-end denim companies.

True Religion jeans are a true global phenomenon. While their main customer base is within the U.S., they’ve stores all over the world, including places in the uk, Hong Kong, Italy, Russia, Japan and France. It appears everyone knows the worthiness and quality of True Religion jeans. True Religion jeans would be the number one high-end denim offering in Japan, although a warmer overall year in Europe led to a few disappointing months in sales volume.

Although the sale of denim jeans has brought True Religion jeans to the forefront, the company also sells outerwear and shaded corduroy pants. Customers can pick corduroys such shades as fuchsia, gray, turquoise or green apple. In reality, True Religion has something for everybody, including rough-and-tumble method for the kids, a sturdy fashion statement for men and women, and classy jeans and skirts for the fashion-gifted. With their need for perfection, True Religion jeans is still moving its way up on sales charts round the world.

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