How to Clean Gold Watches

gold-watchWhen it comes to cleaning jewelry, one has to be keen and take the necessary measures to prevent any kind of troublesome conditions or damage to the jewelry. Jewelry items like gold watches are one of the things that one would not want to handle badly when cleaning them. It is, however, important and necessary that the watches be cleaned as the sweat and oil from the wrist can make them look dull or lose their quality color. There are several measures that one should undertake in order to clean this kind of watches and jewelry to prevent damages and get it back its original color and prestigious style. It is, however, good to keep in mind that one should avoid the use of strong cleaners while doing cleaning; this includes the use of hard brushes as this may cause the watch to lose some of its coating.

How do the gold jewelries and watches become dirty?

Gold jewelries that get into contact with the human body often become dirty because of oxidation and fluids from the body. In many cases, moisture which includes sweat and oil fluids will cause the jewelries and gold watches to become dull and lose their color therefore losing their quality prestigious elements. In many cases if the golden jewelries or watches are not attended to in terms of cleaning, they easily wear out and may soon become useless as they have lost their valuable elements.

Apart from crude means of cleaning that could bring damages, there are ways that are proven and recommended by experts. These methods of cleaning gold-plated watches and jewelries are proven and guaranteed to keep them in good condition.

Cleaning solutions

Here are some of the most recommended ways to clean gold watches without having them tearing and wearing out:

Using a wet cotton ball

This is one of the easiest ways that one can clean gold watches and some other prestigious jewelry. In some cases this may seem to be taking a lot of time but in real sense it is worth it since cleaning that takes time and guarantees results is better than the risky way of cleaning once and ruining the piece.

In this method, one should take a cotton ball and moisten it with water or a cleaning agent. One is required to clean gently on the dirty areas and be keen to avoid the water from entering into the interior of the watch. One should do it gently until all of the dirt has been cleared.

Ordinary toothpaste

In some instances, some dirt may resist the use of the method above and calls for other safe means to remove it. Cleaning solutions will depend on the kind of dirt that is present in the watch. In this method, one should smear a small drop of toothpaste on the dirty area and start rubbing gently. After the toothpaste has been spread on all the surfaces that have stains, one should again moisten a soft cotton cloth and use it to clean the surface where the toothpaste has been applied. This will leave a clean surface that is free of stains.

Ammonia cleaning method

This method is, however, not the best and should not be used every time since the chemicals tend to react with the gold and with time, they might damage it. With this method, one is required to mix one portion of ammonia with six portions of water then soak the gold watch in the mixture for a period of not more than a minute. One should then rinse the g watch using running water to remove all the stains. After this one can then dry the golden jewelry using a soft piece of cloth. Don't use this method if the watch isn't waterproof!

These are some of the most common and effective ways that are proven to help people clean their golden ornaments and jewelries. One should, however, be keen when doing some of these since some of them may prove to be more effective than others but may need one to be keen to prevent damages to their watches.

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