Tips on Choosing Wedding Hair Accessories

Wedding-HairstyleIf a bride chooses not to adorn her hairstyle, it is not a very bad decision. However, wearing something sparkling and beautiful over your mane denotes that you are queen of the day. After all, will you wear it on any other occasion? No; then, why not to wear it on a day which will come in your life only once and is very special? Initially some brides used to be doubtful about wearing tiaras or any hair accessories because they thought that such accessories resemble those of Duchess Kate or some such royal, and so will look too showy. However, the trend of wearing wedding hair accessories is getting more and more popular. So, if you secretly wish to wear one on your big day, but are holding yourself back, never shy away, go on! Here are some tips to help you choosing perfect hair accessories for your big day.

1. Understand your Wedding Hairstyle Beforehand


To think upon which hair accessory will suit you, you should know and understand which hairstyle you are going to wear on your big day. E.g. if you have decided to wear a bun, do you visualize a high ballerina pattern or a low one which is swept to the side? If you are lucky to have long and thick hair, consider larger hair accessories rather than daintier one, because the later will be less noticeable.

2. Inspect the Accessory Thoroughly

Once you like some accessories and wish to buy one of them, you should hold on for some time and inspect them from all angles. Better is to get a 360-degree view of each piece while you wear them, by asking the salesperson to catch a snap on your phone. You might feel hesitant, but remember that hair accessories do look different from different angles.

3. Importance of Matching with Gown

It is important that your hair accessory should match your gown. E.g. if your gown has sequined beads of silver or creamy hue, a headpiece made in a stark white metal will look too bright. If you have chosen a vintage style ensemble, consider a headpiece which has its metal exposed rather than one completely encrusted with crystals.

4. Various Positions, Various Looks

You can have various amount of drama by placing your hair accessory at different positions over your hair. Whether it is a headband, a comb, a hair clip or a pin, it will look different in different settings. If you keep it flat against your head it will look different than you place it lifted up at the crown. And you should also keep in mind, that the higher you position it, the more dramatic will it look. And if you want it to look more remarkable, place it closer to your face.

5. Harmonize with Other Jewelry

While choosing your wedding hair accessory, you should not forget about your other jewelry and should remember that all of your jewelry, including hairpieces, should perfectly go well with each other. So, choose a hair accessory considering the rest of your jewelry.

If you have any questions, please ask below!