Simple Fashion Tips for Men

Whether you’re trying to be more stylish or just looking for ways to update your look, you don’t have to be a slave to fashion to look fashionable. Here are 30 simple fashion tips that any guy can pull off:

1. A good fit. A basic but dramatic improvement you can make is making sure your clothes fit well. All of your pants and shirts should hug the shape of your body without being too tight.

2. Color-coordinate. This may seem obvious, but really take a look in the mirror as you assemble your outfit for the day. Each piece should tie into the same basic color scheme. Think families of colors: blues, earth tones, etc.

3. Keep it simple. In most cases, less is more. Think understated. Unless you’re a rock star, stick to no more than three pieces of jewelry or accessories.

4. Casual, but not boring. Dress up your casual look by trying polos, V-necks, ring Tees or other collared shirts.

5. Wear a watch. Accent even the most casual outfit with a nice watch.

6. Mix and match wisely. Generally, if your shirt is dressy, your pants should be, too. If you’re wearing a more rugged style shirt like a flannel or a fisherman’s sweater, pair it with rugged jeans or cords.

7. Bring a gal pal shopping. If possible, do your clothes shopping with a trusted female friend.

8. When in doubt, step it up. Generally, it’s better to be a little overdressed rather than underdressed for any social occasion.

9. Update your hairstyle. When was the last time you changed your hairstyle? If you can’t remember, that might a sign it’s time to change it up.

10. Details! The last thing you put on tends to be the first that people notice. Pay attention to the details of your outfit. This could be a pocket square, a scarf or the type of knot you choose for your tie.

11. Shoes. Have at least one excellent pair of shoes. Keep them clean, polished and looking good.

12. Mend it! Do your clothes have any rips, broken zippers or missing buttons? Take the time to have them repaired. (Dry cleaners usually offer this service.)

13. Splurge on fashion tees. If you’re going for casual, there’s no need to look sloppy. Pick up a few nice logo tees to dress up the basic Tee shirt.

14. Use a lint brush. Lint brushes are inexpensive and can make sure your dark shirts, pants and blazers look their best.

15. Scan magazines for ideas. Not sure what direction to take your wardrobe? Scan the latest magazines and see what guys are wearing these days. Choose a couple of looks you like and shop accordingly.

16. Pick and choose your trends. Beware of buying a clothing item just because it is "in" right now; you may end up with something you wear once and never again.

17. Don't be swayed by brands. Before buying something with a label on it, ask yourself, "Would I buy this if it wasn’t a famous brand name?"

18. Tuck in your shirt. This simple act can clean up your look immensely!

19. Go for timeless classics. Think timeless classic pieces that never go out of style for the core of your wardrobe. Solid colors and clean lines never go out of style.

20. Be you. What do YOU think looks good? Take inspiration from others, but be sure and cultivate your own fashion sense. Have fun with it. Your style communicates a lot about you.

21. Use that iron. Take the time to press your suits, dress shirts, dress pants and ties neatly. Have your dry cleaner do it if you don't have the time.

22. Avoid novelties. The “I’m With Stupid” T-shirt was funny when you were 10, but not so much now. Avoid fashion gimmicks and novelties.

23. Ask for feedback. Friends and family aren’t likely to give you fashion feedback unless you ask for it. Find out how others see you by asking them directly. Get specific advice on how they think you might improve your look.

24. Shave. An unkempt beard or facial hair can kill any look. Shave or trim daily.

25. Bleach your whites. If your whites are looking dingy, gather them up and bleach them. Check tags to make sure each item can be bleached and follow directions on the bottle.

26. Experiment. Whether you’re trying things on at the clothing store or picking from your own closet, don’t be afraid to try new looks. The only way you’ll know if something looks good on you is if you try it out in the mirror.

27. Custom clothing. Having a few items of clothing custom-made can really take your wardrobe to the next level.

28. Tailor it. If it doesn’t fit, tailor it. Pants cuffs, especially, should be tailored to the right length for your height.

29. Have at least one nice suit. A basic dark blue suit can be a fit for just about any formal occasion. "A suit says a lot about status and personality," says The Tailored Man's Sanjay Daswani. "Give your best first impression with the impeccable fit and finish of a custom made suit."

30. A messenger bag. Lose the dumpy-looking backpack and replace it with a messenger bag.

If you have any questions, please ask below!