Save Your Life with Safety Clothes and Colours

provizman_22Safety clothes play a significant role in keeping workers safe. Wearing safety vests help to keep highway workers and emergency personnel visible prominently. Runners and bikers wear safety vests for making themselves more visible to motorists. If you have to work in a condition that poses danger, you should wear the right safety clothing and use safety colours for preventing any harm to your body. You have to extend the safety clothing from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. If you can include safety colours, they will further help to protect you from external dangers. It is because the safety colours help to draw the immediate attention.

Let's discuss the safety clothes and colours in details. You should wear protective clothes above your shoulder. Moreover you should cover the rest of your body with protective clothes.

Safety clothes above shoulders

Protective clothes above the shoulders comprise of items to be worn above the head and neck. The safety clothes vary according to situations. However some common items are often used for many safety concerns. You have to wear a hard hat, helmet or other headgear while working in and around unstable environment when there is always a chance of something falling on your head. You can also protect your eyes by wearing safety goggles for preventing eye injuries from flying debris. Some extra safety gear includes oxygen masks, face masks, air filter masks and gear for protecting your entire head against unsafe particles.

Protective clothes for the rest of your body

Protective clothes range from firefighter turnout gear to whole body suits of non-porous nature and all of them help to protect you against chemical vapour. It is essential for using clothes created with fibres or other safety materials for protecting your body. The firefighters wear gear for withstanding high heat. If you are working in nuclear plants, you should also wear clothing for blocking penetration of particles. You should also try to protect your feet. Try to wear boots or shoes that help to safeguard you against the elemental forces of nature and external hazards.

Safety Colours –Yellow and Orange

Yellow is the primary safety colour associated with emergency preparation. The bright yellow colour is visible even in darkness and thus helps a worker to get noticed easily. Firefighters and emergency personnel are often seen wearing stripes of fluorescent yellow to make them visible in hazy or dark environment. Therefore bright yellow colour is used as a safety gear for making you visible quickly in an emergency event.

Orange colour is also used as safety clothing. Orange traffic cones are highly visible and are significant enough to make others pay attention to what is happening. Therefore you can use orange to make you visible at all levels of lighting. Moreover by adding a few stripes of bright orange to your clothing, you can make yourself stand out when search lights pass over your head or when headlights approach to you.

Purchase high visibility clothing

Whether it's for cycling, running, motor cycling or horse riding, high visibility clothes ensure your safety. Different collections of safety clothes are available online including jackets, bags and many other accessories. You may consider high visibility vests from reputed online stores and purchase the right one for your need.

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