Recycled Materials You Can Use to Make Handbags

handbagThere are many traditional handbags out there on the market but have you ever come across a bag made from recycled materials? The typical materials used to craft handbags are as follows; leather, faux fur, suede, silk, and velvet. If you want to be more original than why not look into creating your very own handbag. If you are Eco-friendly and want to improve your craft skills then you can certainly benefit from the tips below. Here I will let you in on a secret, and reveal exactly what recycled materials may be deemed useful in the crafting of a handbag.

Denim jeans

Rather than throw out your old denim jeans why don't you consider transforming them into your own personal handbag. You can easily create your very own tote, purse or handbag. There are several how to tutorials out there which will guide you step by step on creating a cute denim bag. Don't forget you can add on your own accessories to add a touch of your own personality to the bag!


If you love to help out the environment then grab yourself a bag made entirely out of recycled boat sails and other water materials such as recycled boat parts and para gliders. If you like practical and modern bags then you should certainly take a look at one of these! If durability is what you are looking for then you have found it here. This bag will last you a lifetime.


What better way to reuse your old tire tubes then to have a nice handbag made out of it. This material is not only durable but it is completely waterproof so it is resistant to any wear and tear. I am used to my old bag handles snapping off under pressure of the amount of things I enclose in the bag. But that kind of accident won't happen with one of these babies! These are unique and last forever, what could be better?

Vinyl Records

If you want to be really creative then you could raid your grandma's house for her old vinyl records so that you can turn it into your very own purse. You will need to look up step by step how to make one of these as it can be a bit tricky. A vinyl record bag will not only be sturdy but look awesome when you are out on the town!

Fire Hose

This is one of the most extraordinary yet original types of material to used. After 25 years of wear and tear fire hose material which is too damaged to be repaired is being put to good use. Elvis & Kresse are retailers that decided they would create something unique and intriguing. Fire hose material is of course designed to be very durable and last for a lifetime. This is certainly the type of recycled material I would look for in any type of handbags!

So, there you have it. Some of the most unique hand bags around. If you want to make an effort to help out your environment then considering making or investing in your own recycled bag is a great idea.

If you have any questions, please ask below!