How To Recycle Fashion Pieces

So you’ve spent what seems to be your life savings on that pair of pants that were so hot last season, but now they’re passé. Fear not though, it takes more than just the passing of time to render any item of fashion completely obsolete. With just a bit of creativity and imagination, there is no way you will not be able to reuse, recycle, and extend the life of the seasonal pieces that you buy.

Mix and match

What went together last season may be a sartorial faux pas this season; but the converse is often true and what might have seemed impossible a while ago may go together like peanut butter and jelly now. It may have been unthinkable to pair chino pants with suspenders just a while ago, but now they may very well be in vogue. Keep your old pieces on hand for when the tides change and they go back in vogue once again.


Even if you are not particularly handy with a needle and thread, there are things like safety pins and elastic that may help make it easier for you to remodel old pieces to suit new trends. Cut the legs off a pair of jeans to turn them into capris, or cut the sleeves off an old t-shirt to turn it into a tank top. You could also sew a couple of items together to create a clothing Frankenstein that will be uniquely yours. Experiment with different hemlines; these are easily altered with safety pins, or gather in a blouse to create a slimmer, curvier silhouette. If you dare, you could even tie-dye old clothes for a snazzy new look, or even try embroidery or appliques to jazz up your clothes.

Going out tonight

Simply wearing them on different occasions

Your formal dress trousers may no longer be appropriate for that company gala, but they will still look great on casual outings. Pair slightly ragged formal wear with grunge pieces for a unique street look, or wear old work shirts with a cute camisole for a laid-back, weekend vibe. Bespoke pants that have started to develop frayed edges may no longer be a suitable candidate for a dinner party outfit, but do well nevertheless on vacation, especially when paired with a similarly casual top.

Swap your clothes with someone else

Technically speaking, while this is not really a way to reuse your existing pieces, it helps to give them a new lease of life in another person's wardrobe, whilst ensuring that you yourself get a whole new selection of clothes. Look for other fellow fashion plates in your size, who share your appreciation for clothes and who are likely to have taken good care of their belongings. As the adage goes, one man's meat may be another man's poison, and likewise someone else's junk may very well be your treasure. Take this chance to change the color scheme of your wardrobe, or give yourself a whole new set of looks. When was the last time you tried the preppy look? Swapping clothes might just be the catalyst you need to turn your life around.

Accessorize for a different vibe

Instead of changing the clothes, change the accessories you match them with. Accessories play a bigger part in defining your look than you think. Try swapping those understated diamond earrings with a couple of retro baubles, and watch with bated breath as your outfit goes from 50s glam to 70s retro. Alternatively, ditch those chunky necklaces and replace them with a slim gold chain and the same top will take you from the office to the bar and back.

Believe in the power of forgetting

While you may remember every single occasion that you have worn your favorite dress, it is likely that most other people do not. It is entirely possible to plan your outfits carefully and coordinate them such that you appear to be wearing a different outfit each time, unless you only have one friend in the whole wide world. If that is the case then fashion mistakes should be the least of your worries.

This post is written by LeraBlogger, Chad Faith. A fashion-conscious guy, Chad believes that street wear and haute couture are entirely interchangeable.

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