Indian Fashion for Men and Women – Useful Tips

Indian fashion has numerous options for men and women. From the infamous Punjabi suits to the timeless ghagracholi, there is something stylish for everyone and for every occasion. There are different clothing options to choose from.

Fashion Tips for Men

Indian fashion currently incorporates traditional and contemporary styles. Since individuals are generally judged according to how they look and dress, it is important to dress well. A versatile wardrobe will ensure that you always have a smart outfit to wear to the office, weddings, meetings and Diwali parties.

Smart and Casual

  • One of the items that every man should include in his selection is a white crisp shirt. This is an item that offers versatility and goes well with virtually anything, including traditional Indian garments. Invest in a quality shirt that you can pair with your suits as well as casual clothing such as jeans.
  • If you want to be casual without looking sloppy, khakis and chinos are ideal. They are also worthwhile alternatives to jeans and can be worn with different types of shirts and jackets. Every stylish man needs a suit that is properly tailored to fit.
  • Well-cut suits such as men’s sherwanilook good on everyone and if you find a suit that you like, make sure it fits or get it altered by a tailor for the perfect fit.



  • Quality sneakers are always in style and a basic clean pair can be worn during the weekends or casual events.
  • A high quality of black and brown leather shoes are among the most important clothing investments that any man can make.
  • Shoes are one of the items that people notice first and they are a critical component of all your outfits. Invest in shoes that look good and will last a long time.

Fashion Tips for Women

When you want to purchase an Indian outfit, choose clothing according to your body type for the best outcome. Body shapes vary and range from pear shaped to rectangle. Knowing and understanding your body type will make it easier for you to shop for clothes.


Find out where you can purchase Indian clothing and consider the option of buying your clothes online. Search for Indian clothing stores online and consider factors, such as designs, fabrics, occasions and styles while shopping.

Different Styles and Occasions

Since Indian fashion is available in a wide variety of styles, it is always a good idea to research and learn more about different styles. Indian clothing styles are designed for fashion and occasions. Find out the styles that suit your preferences and the occasions that you will be wearing them for.

Choose a suitable design for different events or occasions. Items such as saris or salwarkhameez can be elaborate or plain, depending on the design. Where and how you plan to wear your outfit will ultimately determine the designs and styles you wear. Plainer clothing is suitable for everyday wear while colorful, decorated or heavily embellished garments can be reserved for special occasions.


Clothing is also selected according to fabrics because some fabrics are more suitable for certain situations than others. Cotton is ideal for daily wear and fabrics such as silk are usually worn during special events.

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