How to Dress for Ascot Ladies Day

Amy Childs Ascot Ladies DayThe Royal Ascot Races are a popular tradition in the UK, where horse racing and fashion go hand-in-hand. Over the years, the opportunity for dressing their best and rubbing shoulders with the elite has had many women develop an interest in the sport and the events. In a manner no one could have predicted, horse racing has become fashionable!

Traditionally, the Ascot Gold Cup came to be known as Ladies Day at the Royal Ascot Races and this event has become immensely popular over the years. The opportunity to be seen at the same event that has both celebrities and royalty among its regular visitors is one that nobody can pass up, it seems! Every year, the glamour of the occasion draws people by the hundreds.

Maybe more than the races it celebrates, Ascot Ladies Day has become one of the most important events in the fashion industry. With the expected turnout of the best-dressed and most sophisticated styles in clothing and headgear, this day becomes a landmark in the fashion calendar of every fashion lover in Britain!

While outfits over the years have become brighter and bolder, the dress code rules that are being implemented now aim to create a more elegant and ‘special' day. Taking a cue from the royals, the fashion police have been enforcing lower hemlines, covering up visible shoulders and midriffs, as well as handing out hats and fascinators to guests who are improperly outfitted.

What Should You Wear to Ladies Day at Ascot?

Keeping the new dress code rules in mind, the outfits that you pick for the Gold Cup event should be modest, fashionable and overall, ladylike. You should not even consider wearing a strapless top or dress, the hemline of your skirt or dress should be just above your knee or lower, and forget about the shorts completely!

The idea is to reflect the sophistication, style and class that are expected when you are rubbing shoulders with royalty. This does not restrict your personal sense of style, just the amount of skin that you are revealing in your outfit. If you have a bare midriff or shoulders, expect to be taken aside by the dress code assistants and offered a pashmina to cover up.

Since the races have always been an occasion to show the best and brightest of your finery, you can opt for colours that flatter your skin tone and hair. They can be subdued or bold, depending on your fancy, but make sure that you wear them well. Dresses need to have straps that are at least an inch wide, as do tops, and sheer straps will not do for the day.

If you have tickets to the Royal Enclosure where the Queen will be present, you will need to wear a hat or headpiece that is a minimum of 4 inches diameter. For the grandstand, fascinators are acceptable as well, so start thinking about what you'd like to wear on your head. After all, the Ascot races are best known for the flamboyant hats that spectators wear!

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