Frankie B. Jeans

Since the 1960s, when jeans became a way item, the denim style has reigned supreme. Denim has become synonymous with comfort and casual wear all around the world. Many of the musical icons, Hollywood and sports stars of the past fifty years have preferred to wear jeans (and often leather pants). It’s prompted the birth of the designer denim.

Designer denim comes with its customary perfection of fabric, fit and fashionable designs; the designer denim also has a hefty cost. Of course, those people who are die-hard fans of designer denim are not even aware of the high cost; they only see the designer denim and a hunger to get each one of the most recent brands into their wardrobe.


If you are the type of who love designer denim, but balk at their prices, here are a few tips that will help you to have your cake and eat it too:

FRANKIE B JEANS1. First, identify some good stores in your neighborhood, after which find out which designer denims or clothing have the styles that do you justice. The latest brands of designer denim are generally a good bet because of the fierce competition to be the most comfortable or most stylish, but then again, some original styles can last just as well.
2. If you’re a woman, settle for separate designer denim designs for everywhere heels as the fit can be different
3. Take a look at smaller stores since they have smaller space on the floor; as a result, they’re likely to launch discount designer denim sales more frequently than larger stores.
4. If it's the right time of the year, hit the larger stores first; large stores will often have annual sales in which the prices of the designer denim may come down to as low as one third of the initial price
5. Begin a friendly relationship using the sales personnel at whatever store you shop in. By doing this it is possible to get information about their future designer denim sales, as well as what new designer denim merchandise is going to be coming in next. In most cases, you'll find someone friendly enough to give away this information
6. If you do happen to look for a designer denim sale, be early and choose generously from the existing collection-plan to stuff your wardrobe not less than one year. Of course, this shopping spree might cost you a lot of money-but just think just how much you will save by purchasing designer denim apparel at half as well as one third of its original price

There are some things that you should never do if you would like to get genuine designer denim wear:

1. Don’t buy from sites such as eBay and the likes-the folks who sell on these sites very seldom sell original designer denim and you will wind up paying a tidy sum for extremely gross duplicates or worse, knock-offs which a seasoned designer denim wearer could spot from a mile away
2. Do not buy from anyone selling designer denim in the pub, even if they can give you a hundred or more kinds of proof that their designer denim are originals. These are actually brought from Chinese wholesalers whose job is to duplicate the initial items for high profitability.
3. Be careful about buying designer denim from unauthorized retail stores. You might not realize you've got a replica brand until you're already home, after you've purchased a pair of jeans or a designer denim shirt in a high price, with no refund.

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