A Helpful Guide to Big and Tall Belts for Men

A belt is vital in men’s outfits as it holds up trousers and shorts and adds fashion to the mode of dressing.

However, it can be challenging to find a belt that fits perfectly.

You can click here to check out some of the options available. Below are some tips to help you find the best big and tall belt for men.

Measure Your Waist

When buying a belt, it is vital to measure your waist size. Usually, belts exist in different sizes; therefore, it is good to pick the right belt size which is comfortable to wear even for long hours. An oversized belt will appear loose and displeasing when wearing. So, choose a belt size that is tight enough and not very loose.

Consider the Length of The Belts

Men of different walks, big and tall, find it challenging to get comfortable belts. Therefore, it is essential to look for big and tall belts that are long as they appear to have more holes and allows you to choose a hole that fits you perfectly. The additional holes make the belt more fitting regardless of your waist size.

Look for A Durable Material.

There are a variety of fabric materials that are used in making belts. The nature of the material that is used to make the belt determines its life span. The Big and tall belts of durable materials like leather last longer than other materials such as counterfeit leather.

Consider the Width of The Belt

Another essential consideration to make while purchasing a big and tall belt for men is its width. The width of the belt you choose depends on the size of your belt straps; if your belt straps are wide, it is essential to buy a wide belt for a perfect match. Similarly, if your belt straps are small, go for a belt with a smaller width. A thin belt will look comical if your belt straps are too wide, while a wider belt may not go through the straps.

Look for Elastic Belts.

Depending on the belt’s material, some materials are stretchable and easily adjustable to meet the user’s needs. If the material used to make the belt is too rigid, you will often feel uncomfortable, especially if you wear it for long hours.

Check the Return Policy.

The return policy is essential when buying a big and tall belt for men. This is because you might change your mind after you have purchased the belt or you find fault with the belt. You may also have bought the wrong belt. Therefore, choosing a belt dealer with a favorable return policy is essential.


Even though it can be challenging to find the right belt of your choice, there are specific tips that can help you decide on which belt to buy. Some of the tips include; measuring your waist size, considering the length of the belt, and also the durability of the belt. It is also essential to consider the width of the belt and its elasticity and check on the dealer’s return policy.

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