9 Recurring Clothing Trends That Never Go Out Of Fashion

trg3rtgr3tg3rFashion is dynamic but is also ephemeral. An 1885 Oscar Wilde essay that gave the world a proper definition of style. Since then, fashion has been defined in various means.

Fashion is nothing more than a trend that the masses caught up and liked. There is no rule of thumb whether or not fashion should recur. History tells us that several fashion trends have reoccurred and the trend continues to this day. So, if you think you are the first one to wear a skinny jeans, or leggings, think again. Many of today’s fashion trends are have come and gone years ago. Don’t be surprised if you see current fashion trends returning five years down the line. So, why fashion trends repeat? Call it recycling if you like, but it’s not in the same way as you might think. Most of these trends keep returning not because designers ran out of ideas; rather the trend was too powerful and attractive to ignore. Hence, vintage fashions will keep recurring with modern innovations and tweaks from time to time. Here are some of the most popular recurring clothing trends to watch out for:

1. Skinny Jeans

No cloth knows more about how to stay trendy than the jeans. From a vintage acid wash and tight fit to new royal blue and skinny, jeans always remain in the limelight. Apart from being rough and tough, the jeans are perhaps the most relaxing garment you’ll ever wear. Wearing stretchable jeans will help show your curves without unnecessarily exposing your body. Also, the versatility of jeans lets you wear any garments like shoes and shirt you prefer. It’s a perfect combination of classic and modern, and will likely stay relevant and popular for a long time to come. Moreover, jeans go well along with several accessories like bags and high heels, etc.

2. Military Clothes

Take out your family album and see if you find your dad in his childhood wearing military-style clothing. Now compare it with your clothes, they look similar, right? Military style clothing is trendy for many decades. Though it is a casual outfit, it boasts features like a military uniform including insignias, epaulets, cargo pockets, and badges, but all embedded into the dress. Modern military style garments come with different options including cape, and a fitting style to make it look contemporary and trendy.

3. Floral Garments

Flowers symbolize beauty and fragility. Similarly, floral clothing is popular among women of their delicacy, colors, and precision. For ages, flowers make people feel fresh, which is the idea behind floral clothing, particularly during the autumn season. These clothes are made from light fabric and feature a plethora of vibrant colors. Floral dresses have been around for centuries. Back in 794, the Japanese Kimonos were quite popular in Japan. They influenced nearby cultures too and can still be seen in those regions today. Then, the famous Genoese velvets featured floral style during the 1400s. To this day, floral garments are popular among women from all parts of the world.

4. Bomber Jacket

Though not for the first time, the Bomber Jacket seems to be taking over the fashion industry, albeit with a twist. This year, the jacket features unique colors and a fresh profile. While some clothes may look oversized, and others embroidered, the trend is very analogous to clothing trends in 2017. Pair anything with your bomber jacket, and it will go well with it. Pick a clutch, lace booties, or wear it over your new sportswear, it will look awe-inspiring on anything you wear it over.

5. Thick Stripes

No, it’s not your old style stripe silhouette in a new package. This time, it’s vibrant, bolder, and crispier than ever. The thick stripes become trendy and then vanish like they were never there. But, each time they came, they made an impact and became instantly popular. One can say stripes shook the fashion industry for as long as it stayed trendy. Get the fresh new update to your otherwise traditional stripes and make a bold fashion statement. Match it with a pegged pant, or wear a striped skirt with a pleated maxi, it will look equally trendy and stylish in both forms.

6. Blouse With Tie-Neck

If you are to show off your femininity in a graceful way, wearing the Tie-Neck Blouse will do it for you. This remarkably elegant clothing makes you look both decent and smart. Similarly, it has consistently made headlines since the 80s which qualify it among more favorite dresses in the recurring clothing trends. The classy finish with smooth edges and a tie in the center defines style and compassion of the person wearing it. You can vary the length of the link if you like, it will still look elegant. Tie-Necks are often designed by renowned designers so they can be a little pricey. However, when it comes to power dresses that are meant to make a statement, you’ll be willing to pay that much.

7. Minimalist Clothing

The brainchild of famous French designers Cardin and Courreges, the minimalist theme comprises of a series of mod shift dresses during the 1960s. The design consisting of stretchy jumpsuits and simplified silhouette. The minimalist design remained popular throughout the 70s and had made recurrences during the 90s. Today, the design is again making inroads in the mainstream fashion industry with its clean lines and enhanced comfort.

8. Top Knot

Just when the fashion world had forgotten the Top Knot, Holly Golightly brought it back. The simple yet elegant hairstyle is now wholeheartedly adored by the fashion gurus and stylists all over the world. So much, so that music star Jennifer Lopez wore it during the 2012 Academy Awards and took center stage with her hair packed in a Top Knot style. The style caught up and is now among more stylish hairdos around.

9. Slip Dress

Whenever it appears, it comes with a bang. So much so that the biggest brands in the industry take the opportunity to release their flavors to the design. The latest iteration calls for a sleek shape, though you’ll find many flavors of this trend in the market. The slip dress also goes well with several other clothing options like mules, or a long sweater. Want to make the most out of your slip dress? Wrap a leather jacket and wear high heels, and take a cross-body bag loaded with your stuff. There you have the beautiful slip dress with a style statement.


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