Kate Middleton's Fashion Style makes Her the ‘'Duchess of Normcore''

Catherine Middleton looks amazing in everything she wears. Her fashion choices are quite predictable and never too gaudy (this is of course if we don't mention the famous yellow dress). The designers she chooses are always the same - from Catherine Walker, who is one of the most favorite royal designers, to Alexander McQueen. She is often seen to recycle her wardrobe by wearing the same outfit to more than one official engagement. Her clothing is not only very simple and normal but it is also very functional and comfortable. Her skirts are the perfect length and her heels are never too high. This is why Vogue magazine has declared her consciously normal wardrobe to be part of the new normcore trend.

Here are some of Kate's fashion choices that gave her the title the Duchess of Normcore.

Dress coats


It is Kate's trademark to wear one of them dress coats to almost every wintery occasion. The same stylish coats are also worn by Kate's mother and sister when they visit weddings or official engagements. I can't help but wonder sometimes what do they wear underneath? I wonder if they ever get too hot with these coats. Regardless of whether these coats are my cup of tea or not, they certainly are one inseparable part of the Duchess' wardrobe.

Recycling outfits


Hundreds of designers must want to dress Kate and I am also sure that her clothing allowance is huge, but it seems that the Duchess wants to be just like an ordinary person and she is often seen to recycle her clothes. It is nice to see that she is not pretentious and if she likes a certain outfit she wants to wear it more than once.

The nude pumps


Rule number one of straight posture is to wear comfortable shoes. The Duchess has numerous official engagements that she must attend and she needs to be as comfortable as possible. The nude pumps by LK Bennett are practical, functional and normal. They are not obtrusive at all and they are not too high.

Functional fashion clothing


It is great to see Kate wearing clothes that every girl can have in her wardrobe. During the sailing race Kate decided to dress simply and comfortably - striped top, navy blue skinny jeans, flat boat shoes and she was ready to beat her husband in the race. Pretty normal, huh?

Even though she is thought to dress stylish but simple her fashion choices have made her the most stylish British woman overtaking Emma Watson and Kate Moss.

Kate Middleton makes a fashion statement every time she appears at an event. Her wardrobe may not be too gaudy but many women around the world aim to dress like the Duchess and they actually can because most of the looks Kate wears can be purchased on the high street. The Duchess is very often seen wearing clothes from Topshop, French Connection, Hobbs, Zara, Reiss etc. Kate shows the world that fashion and style don’t have to be expensive. She wore well fitted beige dress from Reiss to meet Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. The dress was with a modest price tag of £175. LK Bennett is her favorite shoe shop as she is often seen wearing different fashionable pieces from there. Even for her official engagement photographs Kate showed us that she is a high street gal by wearing a white dress from Reiss with a price tag of only £159. Even during her pregnancy she didn’t have her clothes specially made by designers. Instead, she chose to buy some of her outfits from Topshop.

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