At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Jeans?

YKK_Zipper_on_Jeans_close_upIt is a miracle that I haven’t yet stuck my head in the oven. Actually that really wouldn’t work because my oven is electric and cuts out when you open it so perhaps I should say that it is a miracle that I haven’t thrown myself off a cliff. After several decades of being bombarded by advice on anti-aging techniques, miracle creams, special diets and fashion trends and having relentlessly ignored all of said advice, I should be beyond suicidal that I have reached my sixth decade and don’t look 29. Perhaps if I had read those articles and heeded the advice therein I would look younger, slimmer and altogether more with it.

The Preservation of Youth

I haven’t thrown myself off that cliff possibly partly due to the fact that there are no convenient cliffs nearby or could it be because I haven’t felt the need? Reading all that stuff about preserving your youthful looks is enough to make a teenager start worrying and yet I really don’t feel that bad. These thoughts have been prompted by a piece I have just read in which a correspondent questions at what age one should stop wearing jeans.

The Question

I was somewhat taken aback when I read that. It wasn’t the answer that shocked me but rather the question because it was one that it had never crossed my mind that it was necessary to ask. Is someone trying to suggest that there are such strict fashion rules that there are age limits we must adhere to? Is that why people try so hard to stay young? Are their efforts merely a way to escape the clutches of the fashion police and to keep wearing their favourites even when they are allegedly past it?

Serial Offender

The truth is that I have ignored all artificial attempts to preserve my youth because I have been too busy enjoying it and I still am. I need my jeans for heaven’s sake because what else would be appropriate for zip-lining? Actually I am probably about to be arrested because I wear jeans most days and I even leave the house in them. I have never heard anyone tut tutting as I pass and no one has ever asked me what I am thinking of. I would almost certainly be moving too fast to hear them anyway. Busy life and all that.

An Active Life

It is about time that the fashionistas of this world considered the fact that you are principally what you do not a number in the date section of your legal documents. I may not look 29 but I feel 29 which is more important to my life experience. Perhaps it takes that very experience to learn the lesson. The wrinkles have arrived but I have not resorted to the knife yet. Surgery would smooth out my face but would do nothing to enhance my enjoyment of skiing and the recovery period would interrupt a summer that could be spent white water rafting.

The Bigger Question

It is sad that anyone could have the time to trouble themselves over wondering when folks should stop wearing their jeans. The bigger question is when will people stop worrying about what other people think and get on with having fun? The more fun you have the less you give a damn because you know life is better for you than it has ever been-jeans and all! Nobody need concern themselves over what fuels my oven, the proximity of any cliffs or what jeans I am wearing. Get a life and you won’t have the time to worry about other peoples! The age at which you should stop wearing jeans is whatever one you choose or in my case when they fall part and I need a new pair of Levi’s. Rant over!

Article by Sally Stacey

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