Fashion Fixation – What to Expect From 2017

If weather is small talk, then fashion is real talk.

We know that fashion forecasting is always crystal-ball stuff, but based on the looks we have seen in the previous year, it’s safe to say 2017 will bring even more bold and unapologetic styles. For those Audrey’s who find these modern fashions jarring, there is argument to say that these fashion looks are accessible to all genders and economic circumstances, with celebrities and everyday Joe’s chasing the same look effortless.

Here’s is what to expect from 2017.


A return to the classics

Things went down in 2016, let’s just leave it at that.

In moments of change, people cling to what they know.

When there’s a weather warning it’s always the water, flour and rice that empties the shelves. For fashion the same psychology applies. We’re noticing a surge of reliable wardrobe staples. And while these classics never left the fashion scene, it’s clear that fashion fads have ended bitterly and wearers are looking for something they can trust which will look great and be comfortable.

Practical leather pieces and luxurious wools not unlike Merino Snug USA are being seen out and about more. There’s a time and a place for rips, sequins and everything in between, but these faithful staples have a new lease on life and we’re loving how they look.

Sports luxe

If activewear wasn’t your thing then buckle up, because street sportswear luxe is well and truly in swing and shows no sign of slowing down. Now I don’t mean sports-inspired, this look is an almost exaggerated portrayal of a 90’s athlete. Some believe you’ve seen one Adidas tee shirt, you’ve seen them all, but no one can deny that donning a tracksuit bottom and being on trend is something worth celebrating.

A tight tank and tracksuit bottoms, or a loose gym tee and skinny jeans – this is a look that a lot of people can get around. The eternal homebody and fashionista alike can achieve this look respectively, with a chic twist optional. So no, you haven’t necessarily noticed a spike in athletic societal behaviour, but rather a surprising fixation on sports kit and the fun that can be had with it.

Heavy Outerwear

Perfect for any body type, the heavy outerwear look is strangely complimenting to those who wear it. These articles are often denim, camo and highly durable fabrics that add to the bulk and size of them. The relaxed and oversized fit dwarfs the wearer and certainly gives the appearance of them being smaller. This look exudes an urban confidence, and seems to suit any outfit it is thrown over. This isn’t a year round wardrobe winner, but it will be interesting to see if this oversized sentiment will be replicated with lighter fabrics in the warmer months.

Sunglass overhaul

This one’s a head scratcher, but you can’t deny the range of sunglasses on trend at the moment are anything but basic. I can get around the yellow, pink or blue tinted transparent sunglasses, but the very thick glasses frames has certainly caught designers by surprise. Making it’s way mainstream, this look is globally spread and often paired with the aforementioned sports luxe look.

It will be curious to see just how far these style icons go with wrapping their heads (and faces) around these not so conventional style sunglasses, although I don’t see Tom Ford embracing these bright lenses and thick frames any time soon.

We will all be watching as the year unfolds, and revelling in the sometimes agonizing journey that is all four seasons of fashion. Keep these four unique styles in mind for 2017, and play around to see what works for you.

If you have any questions, please ask below!