5 Beautiful Updo Hairstyles for Your Wedding

‘Gorgeous’ and ‘Stunning,’ definitely you would want to hear such words when you adorn your wedding attire. But your wedding dress alone is not enough to get you such embraces. There is something more you need to pay attention – Your Hairstyle!

Your hairstyle can work like a magical sword and bring you tons of praises and compliments that you must have always dreamt of. So, if you are still juggling between finding the best hairstyle for your wedding, then here we present you the 5 most beautiful updo hairstyles that can create a lasting magic and make you look more charming and alluring.

  1. Sophisticated Center-parted Bun

Looking like a princess is a dream for every bride and an opulent bun with graceful twists can be the perfect way to get that look.

Getting Styled– You need to begin by preparing your hair for that lasting hold. For this, you can spray from texturing spray on your hair and then center part them from the middle. Create a high ponytail as you can and apply the donut on the base of your ponytail. Now equal sections from the ponytail and roll the hair donut up to the length of the ponytail.

Carefully wrap the hair around the donut and once the base is reached in the donut it in place with bobby pins.

Create thinner sections of left out hair and pull the hair from the center of the bun to create volume. Spread hairspray to avoid frizziness and decorate the bun with your favorite embellishments.

  1. Graceful Twisted Side Bun

If you are adorning a classy, chic dress on your special day, then the twisted side bun will be a perfect match. You can accessorize it with trendy, elegant accessories while keeping it modish and graceful.

Getting Styled– Prepare your hair well with a hairspray and straighten all the hair. Leave enough front section and tie the hair at back in a low side ponytail. Pick thin sections of hair in the ponytail and roll them to create a loose side bun.

Once all the hair is rolled over to a bun, create a side parting from the front side and take one section to create a French twisted knot or braid. Place the French knot across the top of the bun and pin it well. Create a similar knot with the remaining front section and pin it well.

wedding hairstyle

Complete your hair updo with beautiful accessories and hairspray to add shine and lasting strength to the hairstyle.

  1. Gorgeous Bumped-up Curls

If you are fond of the flowing, gorgeous curls then you can plan a stunning bumped-up curls updo for your wedding day. Creating it is simple and an ideal way to look charismatic!

Getting Styled– Wash your hair well and after drying apply heat protectant all over your dried hair. Part your hair in the top and bottom sections and curl all the hair in the bottom section. Make sure the curls are lasting. Hence, you need to pick up an inch section at a time.

Now, place a bumpit at the crown of your head. Smooth the hair at the top and both the sides and pin them at the center towards the back of your head.

Spread hairspray all over for a lasting, seamless finish.

  1. Modish Tendrils Updo

If you want to look trendy, chic and at the same time elegant during your wedding day, then you can go for the amazing tendrils updo. The beautiful tendrils flowing down to your neck will definitely be a great add-on to your beauty.

Getting Styled– The very first step is to prepare your hair with a heat protectant. Now start with picking a 1-inch section of hair at a time and then curling it. Do this for all your hair and then tie your hair in a high ponytail.

Place a hair donut at the bottom of the ponytail and roll the hair into the donut to hide its appearance. Also, leave the ends of the curls loose to create tendrils.

Take out some strands from the front to add charm to your face. With a hairspray add flawless and lasting finish coverage to your hair updo.

wedding hairstyle

  1. Exquisite Curly Fishtail Braid

It is one of those timeless hairstyles for the brides that can awe-struck anyone. So, create this mesmerizing hair updo for your wedding day to look all the more beautiful and magical.

Getting Styled– Wash and air dry your hair. Apply heat protectant. Pick a 2-inch section of the hair and curl them. Repeat it till all hairs are curled. Spritz some texturing spray for additional strength.

Part hair on any one side and insert a bumpit under the crown of the head. Pin your hair behind it. Pick up the curls section one by one and pin them at the back of the head. Divide the sections into two equal parts and create a fishtail braid with it. Secure the end of the braid with an elastic band.

Make sure the braid is loose. Add some dimension to it with flowers and complete the look.

wedding hairstyle

These are the best 5 updo hairstyles that any bride can adorn. The best thing is that they will suit all face types and cuts. So, just pick your favorite hairstyle and practice it so that you can get the most spectacular hair updo for your wedding that would make you keep looking gorgeous and beautiful!

If you have any questions, please ask below!