How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

lesbian weddingSelecting the bridal hairstyle may become a serious challenge for any bride; there are so many fashionable, latest bridal hairstyles advertised by professional stylists that it’s so easy to get lost in the abundance of variants! Wedding hairstyles for long hair, short or curly hair – contemporary masters know how to make a masterpiece with any input data, so the times of worries about whether some hairstyle of your dream is realistic are long gone. So if you have almost no limits for hairstyle selection, which factors should you keep in mind to avoid a failing choice? Here are some tips from hairstyle professionals to consider during this process, which may guarantee that you will have the best bridal style ever!

Consider Your Hair Length

There is a myth that updo hairstyles are the best for a wedding, so many brides try their best to grow their hair long enough before the wedding to make such a hairstyle possible. However, the wedding fashion does not stagnate, and there have been a huge number of hairstyles designed specifically for medium-length and short hair. Let’s get it straight: not all women are attractive with long hair, it may simply not fit some of you! So why take the trouble and grow hair long for the wedding styles for long hair? Select the one fitting your hair length and your unique style for the best wedding looks:

  • In fact, updo hairstyles mostly fit only oval-faced brides, so don’t follow fashion with such a hairstyle if you have a square or round face, such a hairstyle will look much worse then.
  • For short hair, the most fashionable hairstyles presenting your hair in the best light include a low messy chignon, a neat hairstyle with a sophisticated headband suiting the overall dress design, an airy curly updo, or a variant with short vintage curls.
  • Owners of middle-length hair may select the brushed back bun as their wedding hairstyle, which looks very elegant and voluminous, presenting any type of hair very favorably.
  • Those who have very short hair and want to experiment with ultra-modern hairstyles may select something like a formal fauxhawk or short spiral waves, both will look very stylish and appealing with any type of wedding dress.

Make the Hairstyle Suitable to Make-up and Face Oval

Even the unbeatable, best wedding hairstyles are not guaranteed to suit you best, since every woman has her own shape of the face, which poses certain constraints on which hairstyles fit her. Check your shape first:

  1. For oval faces, the angular bob cuts are most suitable (or sleek blowout for longer hair is preferred), so you may have springy curls as the best-suiting wedding hairstyle.
  2. Owners of round faces should select hairstyles with long layers to avoid curls’ ballooning around cheeks to make the face rounder.
  3. Those with a square face shape may benefit from hairstyle with feathery layers and long locks.
  4. Some women have the heart-shaped face; for them, a short hairstyle in the “coy pixie” form or a longer-hair variant of uniform layers will look perfect.

Select the Bridal Hairstyle Suiting Your Dress

The last but not the least point to consider is that of the wedding dress style; once you have found your perfect dress, make the hairstyle congruent with it:

  1. Select the classic hairstyle with fine lines and textures with classic, straight dresses with no excessive embellishments.
  2. Adding more volume and curls is possible to hair of any length, and looks great with a sophisticated dress with numerous elements such as stones, sequins, and lacework; experiment with this style for an impeccable wedding look.
  3. Keep in mind that short hair wedding styles look much more fashionable and modern than traditional long-hair solutions do, so select the dress in a modern style to fit the short hairstyle perfectly.

Every bride wants every element of the wedding ceremony, clothing, and decoration to be in a perfect harmony for this day to be remembered for years. So please also take into account the overall style of your wedding and the venue, the style of photo session you are planning, as well as the apparel of your groom when planning the hairstyle.


If you have any questions, please ask below!