15 Hair Accessories To Wear This Summer

Accessory trends include pearls, silk, and flowers to suit any hairstyle. When you see them, you’re sure to fall in love!

Pearl Accessories

The pearls in the hair are the most trendy of the moment. They are the new trend in wholesale hair accessories, you will look very novel and delicate. You can use them throughout your hairstyle. It is best to choose them in different sizes to achieve an impact look. You can use them as brooches, headdresses, and even braids! They look amazing at night.
pearl headband

Oversized Headbands

If we’re talking about summer headbands, the thicker they are, the better! The key to succeeding entirely with them is that the color matches your outfit, and you get monochromatic on point. There are oversized satin and leather versions and stone inlays for a more elegant touch.


Scrunchies are doughnut-shaped garters made of elastic and fabric. They are useful for making high tails, low tails, or any casual hairstyle to go out every day. The highlights of this accessory are the colors and texture, choose a vibrant color and texture to show off your look.

oversized headbands


The classic clips that were used in the 80s and 90s returned but with a variant. They carry many in their hair, sometimes three on each side, and are covered with stones, pearls, or phrases. On windy days they are practical to avoid living with hair on your face, you won’t be able to resist the temptation to buy these wholesale hair accessories.

wholesale scrunchies

Bucket Hat

The famous “bucket hat” or fisherman’s hat: another unexpected return that is once again imposed, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s time of splendor. The perfect complement for a look that expresses your individuality.


Tissues retake their place in the cooler heads. You can wear them with your hair down, braid them in your hair, or tie them to your ponytail. They offer a very original and fresh look.

Fabric Headbands

This is another one of the least expected returns of the 1990s. Fabric headbands are worn on women’s heads, which even match the colors of their swimsuits. You can also wear them with a more casual look by choosing a model in a less informal fabric.

Floral Accessories

You can wear something more striking, but feminine in your hair if you opt for headdresses in the shape of leaves and flowers. They are charming and colorful if you are looking to give a little color to your outfit, this kind of accessories with ideals. So you can find one that suits your taste and personal style. You’ll love them!

Metallic Accessories

If you want to look very original, you can opt for hair accessories in metallic finishes. These are a bit out of the ordinary but will look great. If the event is not so formal, then opt for this type of hair decoration. We assure you that you will be the center of attention with these awesome original designs.
metallic hair clips

Tortoiseshell Accessories

Tweezers (lifelong) are necessary for our day to day. Besides, these have the gift of subtlety and will not stand out much if you want to wear the classic semi-gathered for pure comfort. The headbands are a classic, ideal for any time.

Wide-brimmed Hats

They go great with any spring look, complementing the outfit with sophistication while protecting you from the sun. The hats and visors also join the strongest hair trends of 2020.


They seem to be inspired by those worn by royalty, but of course: these are not very expensive gems! However, they look as beautiful and feminine in the hair as they do when worn by queens. Combined with a good look, they can be the perfect eye-catcher.

The New Piercings

This is an excellent trend for all kinds of hairstyles, especially if we’re talking about braids. Piercings have come to adorn people’s hair, and they are definitely a great idea. They will give you a very casual and ethnic touch, and your hairstyles will be much more original.

Precious Stones

They make your hairstyle look like a million dollars and reflect the light beautifully in your hair. Go for them in an ultra-straight hairstyle or with soft mermaid waves for next summer.


During the winter of 2019, hair bows were already a strong trend, and this spring, it threatens to repeat itself. The colors will change, however, to more spring-like or summery shades, pastel colors, fresh and colorful. Also, the texture will be left aside the velvet so characteristic of the winter, by cooler fabrics.

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