Clothing Combinations and Tips For Girls

Every day we rummage through oodles of clothes to wear. Whether you are dressing up for school, work, party or date it has always been very frustrating to get the right combination. Despite accumulating heaps of clothes we look for something new that will be chic plus suitable for unexpected brunches and drinks with friends as well as also make you look heart-stopping beautiful. I have myself paced for hours in my wardrobe, crafting voguish mixture and during those fretful times, I have learned a trick and two which has now saved me from the trouble of tossing my garments to come-up with a fresh blend. Follow these listed tips which I have gathered from my experience and pro stylist’s advice to get the trendiest combination by your already existing ensembles.

Bright as white

White color straightaway brightens up the whole shebang either it is the color on the wall or article of clothing fused in your get-up. It makes you appear more wakeful and urbane. White colored trimmings likewise revitalize your appearance. White blouses and button-up shirts are vital for every girl’s wardrobe, they can be worn under blazers or jackets, over jeans or tailored pants or skirts to alter your garb into business attire. White jeans and skirts instantly transform your apparel into outdoorsy clothing, it is great to wear to open-air brunch, picnic, and parties.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors springs the easy-going, cultured expression which makes you appear more collected and approachable. Colors such as baby pink, baby blue, chick yellow, cream and beige can be matched with solid colors and white. These are great colors to wear in summers as well in winters. Adding bright colored accessories will straightaway spice-up your apparel.

Black as night

Black is the utmost multipurpose color. Black clothing and accessories can be paired with more or less any color, even dressing all in black is never too daunting. A well-fit black dress should be “must-have” item in every wardrobe as it can be worn on meetings, formal dinners, and date also to a funeral. It is elegant, tasteful and makes you appear more polished. If you are not comfortable wearing black especially in the blistering heat of summer, integrate something black into your outfit; it maybe heels, bag, jewelry or scarf, it gives your attire an edgy look.

Solid colors

What are solid colors exactly? They are bunch of flexible colors that can be combined with pastels, white in addition to other solid colors plus never looks abhorrent. They include navy blue, brown and grey. Solid colored blazers, shirts and pants style your gear more official and well-defined.

Pop of colors

They are certain colors which fall from the above-mentioned categories such as tangerine, red, orange, aquamarine and emerald green, these colors can be a bit challenging to carry in an outfit, as they are very bright and eye-catching and can be inappropriate for office wear. However, a little touch of these colors in your clothing will instantaneously lift your entire look, by adding that a little wow factor. Jewelry, scarf, bag or even lipstick will add drama to your run-of-the-mill bland look.

Patterns and prints

You are tempted to don cheetah print today? Go ahead. Patterns and prints give additional oomph to your ensemble. They are very trendy and hip. If you feel you have to run to a meeting where you cannot display your tiger stripped blouse wrap it up with your blazer and voila you are good to go without peeling your much-loved shirt.


Incorporate pieces of denim into your wardrobe. Denim jacket and jeans are great to put out on the go. They are comfy and chichi, paired up with trench coats and blazers convert into more formal attire for everyday work and official meetings.

Overcoats and blazers

Trench coats and blazers are fundamentals for the winter wardrobe. If you are not content with what you are wearing and you don’t have time to change pair it up with a trench coat and you are good to go. Blazers are an excellent staple to alter you casual apparel into more office style; wear a blazer and be ready for presentation, meetings, formal lunches and what not. Charcoal black and navy blue trousers can be balanced with almost every ensemble.

Tan is the new black

After black, tan is the most sought out color for accessories. Tan colored boots, sandals, belts and bags are very nifty. They can be worn over with pastels and solid colors. Addition of any tan element is like adding a little zing of newness to your apparel.

These are few handful tips for clothes combinations which will make your dressing easier and more up-to-date. Through these mishmashes, you can hodge-podge the clothes you already have and craft new outfits for an upcoming event. If you think your wardrobe is leaning to one spectrum, then go get some of the listed items and incorporate into your dressing.

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