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How to Live Hajj Properly: Lifetime Experience with these 20 Tips

42-18223663Each year in the Mina Valley, Saudi Arabia hundreds of thousands of faithful Muslim come together to attend the ceremony of Satan’s symbolic stoning, which coincides with the final stage of pilgrimage that every Muslim must do at least once in his life.

The annual pilgrimage to Mecca, or Hajj, literally means “head toward” and is the fifth pillar of Islam. It takes place between the eighth and the thirteenth day of the last month of the Islamic calendar and represents a time of purification for the faithful.


If you want to have the best experience of your life here are some of the best Hajj tips to help you have a fantastic Hajj this year. So let’s take a look at our 20 practical tips for a productive Hajj, an experience of a lifetime!

  1. Choose your airlines with a well-organized flight at a comfortable time
  2. Choose your hotel with an excellent strategic position
  3. Check everything in advance before your departure
  4. Make sure to have every document necessary to enter the country
  5. Check your passport. It has to be valid to enter the country
  6. Bring some extra copy of your records with you. You will avoid a dangerous situation with this tip!
  7. Change some money into Saudi riyal currency. Make the change at your bank before the departure or at one of the exchange points at the city center. Avoid the ATM at the airport! This will charge you with high commissions!
  8. Bring enough cash. Payment by cards maybe not so familiar!
  9. Read and learn something more about Hajj and get ready to a lifetime experience
  10. Check the path from the airport to your hotel and try to avoid taxis
  11. Fuel price in Jeddah is among the lowest in the world and that make it a very good deal of transportation. There are many local agencies available for passengers, who just landed in Jeddah Airport and want to rent a car. But it would be better to compare car hire deals online to find the best prices before your arrival in Jeddah. It is very safe and easy way is to compare the car rental agencies online. I did the same and found one of the best option to get a car. It offers the best solutions for your trip and you won’t regret it! The streets around the city are wide and signed in both Arabic and English. Traffic can get a bit congested inside Jeddah, but outside of the city it’s easy driving. Look for a reliable service to hire a car and live this experience in a convenient, practical and independent way.
  12. Wear something comfortable to get ready to explore and to feel at ease in every situation
  13. Stay light with some on-the-go bag to go around
  14. Create an itinerary to optimize your travel time and not to miss a thing!
  15. Wear appropriate outfits for the religious sessions
  16. Visit the main religious attractions such as Holy Mosque, Light Mountain, Black Stone and Zanzam Wall
  17. Bring some holy lectures with you to get prepared and to make the most of your Hajj
  18. Learn some basic Arabic phrases for better communication with the locals
  19. Get ready to socialize and to live some experience in groups but don’t forget to live it in a personal way too
  20. Stay safe and respect the events, the atmosphere and the others

These are our best tips to live a satisfying Hajj and to participate at this incredible religious event knowing everything you need to make the most of it!


If you have any questions, please ask below!