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A Beginner's Guide to Meditation

meditatingMeditation is a specific approach towards training your mind, very similar to the way in which fitness is an approach towards training your body. But there are actually many techniques of meditation. If you're a beginner, how will you know which process to learn and how to meditate in the best way possible? Did you know that according to the Buddhists, the word ‘meditation' is equivalent to a word like ‘sports' that is used within America. It is an activity for the family and not something to be done alone. The New York Times says different meditative practices need varying mental skills. It is indeed difficult for a beginner to sit for hours and simply think of nothing or have a mind that's empty. Have a look at some meditation tips for beginners.

  • Start off with a regular practice: Realize the fact that daily meditation is important and embrace it fully emotionally and mentally. Believe in the fact that meditation is for your own benefit and it will not only treat your mind but also your heart, body and soul. So you better respect it and enjoy it. Remain patient in the beginning and establish a regular schedule for meditation as it grows stronger and more effective with practice. You can be flexible with your time but ensure that you have 15 minutes daily for it.
  • Start your day with meditation: When you begin your day with a state of silence and peace, this will make the whole day better. This will help you slip into thoughtlessness and you can even feel the vibrations if you can take the effort of getting up early in the mornin and then immediately sit for meditation for about 5-10 minutes. Most of the chakras will soon clear out if you meditate in the morning.
  • Open yourself up during meditation: When you meditate, allow yourself to be an open system. Give as well as receive energy. Allow full communication by keeping your palms wide open and open up your entire being.
  • Set up the quality of pardoning: While meditating, if you can say in your mind, "I forgive, I forgive", the Kundalini will soon take away all negative thoughts from you. Remember that forgiveness is always the door to thoughtless awareness.
  • Meditation is about letting go: Meditation is not always about visualization, concentrating, focusing or giving in an effort to stop the thoughts. It's all about letting everything go and surround to the inner silence.
  • Use candles and music: As you're a beginner, in order to create the best impact of meditation, you can use aids like candles or mediation music. This will often assist you in establishing the required attention on meditation.


It is said by the meditation experts that you grow fastest when you meditate collectively. Just as you get more light when you lit more candles, collective meditation has a stronger force. So, join a class if you're looking for meditation for beginners in order to create the desired impact on your mind, body and soul.

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