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Be Grateful to all the Challenges of Life

The challenges we face in life are always lessons that serve our soul’s growth.

Think about a major challenge you faced in your life. In what did you benefit from this experience? Can you see why challenges are important when it comes to your personal growth?

Deeply happy people are even thankful for the trials and tragedies they pass through. Just like how a diamond needs to endure years of pressure to transform from an ordinary piece of coal into a sparkling diamond, challenges force us to grow our consciousness and become more evolved and enlightened.

However, most people mistakenly believe that their life should be a happy and smooth ride all the time. If faced with difficult situations, we panic and lose our balance.

Challenge is a chance to succeed in something outside of your comfort zone.

Just think about it! Most of the time you experience something challenging, it is because it’s new to you, and you may not know from where to begin. Maybe founding and managing a successful organization may seem a big challenge, but others have done it before multiple times, so, it is not impossible. Not to mention, there are tons of benefits facing and completing challenges and some of them are enlisted below.

Challenges Lead to Greater Confidence

Knowing that I can undergo a very difficult or intricate challenge offers a great degree of confidence that the next challenge can also be endured. People have been tested and passed with flying colors. You get a confidence in yourself that once you overcome, so you can overcome again. We often don’t realize how much strength we have until challenged to use it. Once tested, we know.


Challenges Soften our Rougher Edges and Shape us

We learn through our trials and tribulations, we come face to face with our darker traits, do battle with them, and round off the rougher edges of our character in the process.



When you finally come out of your comfort zone, you discover your new talents which were hidden somewhere in you. You get a better perspective of your life and with your new abilities and you become over all a new person.


Challenges Make People Humble

If life was always bright and sunny, few people would have much appreciation for its brightness. That would be the norm we naturally take for granted. Challenges provide contrast to our happier times, elevating those times, adding to our appreciation and deeply felt gratitude for them. So yes, our trials make us happier for having traveled a darker road to the sunshine lighting the clearing up ahead, just beyond the bend in the road.


Challenges Drive us Forward

Without challenges, we have little or no reason to try to improve ourselves.


That is why, people who “already” have it all, or are “born” with it all, quite often don’t improve themselves or even slide backward. Quite simply, we have to have a reason to move forward, if we’re going to move forward and the challenges of life happen to be that reason.

How you can prepare yourself for new Challenges?

Well, this questions stumbles a lot of minds, I believe you don’t have to wait for a challenge to arise by itself, take the opportunity, make your mind and challenge yourself, whether it is some kind of sport or activity, there is nothing that you cannot do.

How you can prepare yourself for new Challenges

Create a positive, healthy and challenging environment around you, so that you can take inspiration and every morning and start your day working towards a new challenge

Wrapping up:

Gratitude is a powerful trait. It softens trials, changes point of view, elevates attitudes, focuses attention, empowers us to see more clearly, and increases, expands, lifts, ennobles, and deepens the sense of meaning and purpose we discover in life. Not only do our trials become classrooms that teach us life’s most profound lessons, they add bliss and meaning to daily living. So be grateful for all that filters down into your experiences during your sojourn on planet earth. Drop to your knees from time to time and thank God for the opportunities you have been afforded to learn at the feet of life’s challenges. Our trials are, after all, among our greatest teachers, mentors, and benefactors. So are you ready to take a challenge today?


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