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8 Things to Keep in Mind for Delineating an Ideal Locker Room

When you hear – ‘locker room’ what comes to your mind? A place where you can comfortably change your clothes! A place where you can keep all your belongings! Yes, you have got this right! A room that personifies your experience in the leisure activities that you have enrolled in is what the modern locker room is all about. Spa, gymnasium and sports clubs are some of the places where you come across a locker room. Gone are the days where a locker room was merely considered as a mandate in all these leisure activity places. The definition of a comfortable and convenient locker room has expanded over time with an increase in their expectations. Being a member of a club is a privilege that is often cherished by the aristocrats. This has initiated the urge to define a locker room with more convenience and tranquility. So, today let me walk you through the pre-requisites as well as the significance of creating a locker room that defines comfort and elegance.


8 Things to be considered for spawning a conducive locker room

 A locker room would be the first preference for many when they enter a sports club or a spa or a gymnasium. If they love the ambiance or the feel that the locker room successfully gives them, they would be more than happy to join the club. Read on to find out the things to be considered for a good locker room decor.

1. Considering the capacity

The first and foremost thing that you need to consider is how much space should be allocated to the lockers. Make sure that the room is not too congested making it difficult for commuting from one end to the other. Have a ballpark figure of the number of members who would be streaming into the room and accordingly decide upon the spacing and the number of storage lockers that would be accommodated in the given space. Placing the lockers should not be the only intention, one should also see to it the place is not overutilized or underutilized.

2. The positions of the locker

Decide upon the position of the locker as to how and where will they be placed. Avoid placing a bunch of lockers at the entrance as that might block the entrance. At the same time, it should not be placed too far or just scattered around without any uniformity or discipline as this might negate the overall view of the room

3. Make it aesthetically pleasing

Try figuring out a theme and accordingly design the locker room. You can find a variety in the lockers – with metal, plastic, steel and metal ruling the market with their popularity. Color, design, shape and size are the different criteria that encourage in defining a theme to the entire area. Keeping it classy or simple and sober the choice entire vests upon you. But always ensure that it is not shabbily designed.

4. Let there be some light

The room should be well lit for all the members to have a good glance at it. A locker room is generally quite big in size and hence care must be taken that the lights are not fitted in places that do not encourage the presence of light. Similarly, care should be taken that the lightings should not be too bright nor too dim, balancing the intensity of brightness.

5. Let there be some respite

A good ventilation ensures a smooth flow of energy into the room. It sure that the area is devoid of all types of impurities and negative energy that clogs the flow of positive energy. When installing Heaters and Air Conditioners, care should be taken that they do not block a good air circulation.

6. Beware of the moisture content

Moisture sometimes creates havoc when it comes to maintaining the life expectancy of lockers, where metal and wooden lockers are prone to get affected by moisture. Make sure that there are ways in which you can avoid building up of moisture in the area. Slip resistant, as well as moisture resistant tiles, should be installed in the shower rooms. This will block all possible ways wherein moisture could make its way into the room diminishing the life expectancy of the locker and various other furniture. a

7. Additional accessories

You can add some useful pieces of furniture that would not only add to the decor but also accentuate the functionality of the room. There might be members who love socializing. This makes it necessary to create a comfortable surrounding with the right pieces of furniture. When you are using additional furniture in the locker room make sure that they do not take up most of the space or cram the way. Comfort is yet another important quality that members look for in a locker room.

8. Presence of a supervisor

When you have a supervisor in the locker room, you could be sure of assistance whenever required. Furthermore, you could also ensure the safety of all your belongings. They dutifully guide the members when it comes to navigating, using the storage lockers or any other accessories that prove to be fruitful. The presence of a supervisor makes sure that the whole area always remains presentable 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Why are we emphasizing the importance of a good locker room?

Just like any other room, a locker room is meant to provide the basic level of comfort and amenities for changing as well as storing your belongings. So why are we punctuating on the dos and don’ts of creating a complacent room that defines modesty as well as decorum? Let me walk you through the benefits of having a locker room.

=> When you have a locker room you give your members the space to rejuvenate themselves after a tiring game or a sports activity

=>A locker room could also prove to be fruitful for all those who love to bask in the glory of the locker room before they start with their activities.

=>A place that encourages socialization. Here is where you make sure that all the members get a platform to interact with each other, sharing their thoughts and ideas.

=>Members are always accompanied by their belongings and a locker room proves to be a safe haven for instilling the quality of security within them. A cardinal feature that every member craves for when looking for a membership.

Final Note:

Designing a locker room should not be limited only to installing lockers and assigning them to all the members. Put in some extra efforts as we all know that a little effort goes a long way in not only attracting customers but also holding on the members with all the best amenities. All this said and done a locker room should be designed in such a way that it alleviates not only the convenience but also the gratification levels of the members.

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