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The Most Frugal Ways To Spend Your Colleague’s Birthday

Little surprises make a day special and it is so sweet of our friends and co-workers to remember your big day. There are many ways to show a friend that you appreciate them by spending a very little amount of fortune.

Share A Favorite memory:

When it comes to wishing a co-worker, a friend or a colleague, then it can be well assumed that you have some really fond memories with him or her. Nothing seem to create a magic better than what a fun remembrance of a cherishing memory can do. It will be much more interesting if you add a favourite story or memory with the recipient in your writing.

Sign Your Name:

Ending your birthday greeting with a simple closing like, “Wishing you all the best” etc is a must. But at the same time don’t forget to sign your name at the end. Even though the recipient will see that the email card is from you, putting you name in the message makes it more personal.

Check Your Work:

Before sending the card, just check it once for the last time whether you have written everything correctly or not. Make sure that you have formatted the text font, size, and color so that it looks exactly the way, you wanted it to look.

Writing birthday cards wording becomes easier with practice. Make it a habit to recognize the birthdays of all the important people in your life.

Send A Card:

It is one of the most obvious of all the gifts, but you can get some real deals on Online Cards. When you will be browsing through the free birthday eCards, you need to keep in mind about the recipient whom you are going to send the eCard. If it is your nephew then he/ she will giggle out of a cute monkey eCard, but if it is your mother-in-law then she might appreciate elegant and sophisticated. It will be a lot easier to write a perfect birthday massage if you have the right design as a background.

Write The Perfect Greeting

The wordings for birthday cards need to a compact and a precise one. You need not to go overboard or hyperbolic. Just say the pleasant things that come to your mind and soul. Whatever you are writing, write it from the bottom of the heart. Begin with “Happy Birthday” and greeting like, “Wishing you a wonderful day and fabulous day” etc. Here also your relationship with the recipient. Write something formal and respectful to the boss and something cheeky or funny to the best friend.

Random And Frugal Birthday Celebrating Ideas

The bottom line is to help a friend have a perfect day. Hence, it is the thought that will matter most, and not the amount of money involved in it. So taking the cue from it, here are some excellent ideas for you to consider:

  • Bringing donuts , bagels, or muffins to work in the morning is always an awesome idea

  • To cover everyone’s birthday, every month you can host a birthday potluck at work and ask everyone to bring a snack

  • Buy a small bunch of inexpensive flowers, trim the shot and put them inside a mug filled with water and place them on your friend’s desk.

  • Bake a cake from scratch

  • Going out for dinner

  • Draw or paint a picture for your friend

  • Decorate your co- workers desk with crepe paper and balloons before they arrive to work

  • Buy a big, cheap bowl and fill it with bags of popcorn, some candy and a free movie rental code

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