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How the use of QR codes help Restaurants and Bars Strengthen their COVID-19 Prevention Protocols for Customers and Staff?

As restaurants and bars resume and continue operation in some areas globally, the major concern is to limit the spread of coronavirus.

The risk of COVID-19 spread indoors setting as interactions when people are physically near (within 6 feet). The more individual interacts with others and the longer the interaction, the higher the risk.

Fortunately, there are several ways or actions that a restaurant and bar may adopt to lower the risk; one of these is the use of menu QR codes.

What is a QR code?

QR is short for “Quick Response” is a type of barcode that can store lots of data. It consists of a series of little black squares that are placed in a square grid on a white background which can be also customized in different forms and colors. In the latest QR code innovation, QR codes are can identified in two types, static and dynamic.

Static QR codes provide fixed, non-editable information such as restaurant or bar address, Google map location, website address, application link, contact details, and more.

Can be changed and edited several times such as your food photo gallery, restaurant or bar menu, promotional ads, prices, and more. You can edit your URL or data as much as you want. Can track data of where, when, which device, and how many people scanned the code.

Restaurant use of QR codes

Contactless dining

Takeout, drive-through, delivery, pick, and more which we can say have the lowest risk of spreading the virus unlike for on-site dining. With the use QR code menu, restaurants and bars improve customer service efficiency by using a digital menu that uses an online QR code generator while improving safety.

Menu QR codes

It’s a type of digital menu that is embedded with the use of a QR code generator with logo that gives the customer the ability to view directly at the restaurant’s menu purchase, easy and contactless through scanning without the hassle of searching the menu on the restaurant’s console on the internet.

How menu QR codes play a big part when it comes to strengthening COVID-19 prevention inside a restaurant or bar:

Provide machine-accessible ordering system

A menu QR code allows a customer to order through scanning without the service of a waiter/waitress, quick and easy right from their smartphones. With the use of a QR code, customers can also order and have the food delivered at home. It avoids using or sharing items that are reusable such as menus, food containers, and more.

This can also attract diners by placing QR codes on doors or windows and welcoming them to a safe QR code order system. By this, it can also encourage customers to order ahead of time to limit the amount spent inside a restaurant/bar. For diners, the staff can only face a customer when food is ready to serve and that limits them from exposure risk to both customers and staff.

Provide Contactless payment

It enables a customer to pay directly from their smartphones without the risk of contact through exchanging cash or card payments.

Contract tracing and tracking of QR codes

Aside from using QR codes as a safety measure, they are also an effective way to contact tracing as we can track data of where, when, which device, and how many people scanned the QR code. It can be a great tool to help the speed of contact tracing. The sooner health officials detect the infected, the lower the risk of spreading further.


While menu QR codes have existed for years, reopening restaurants and bars globally was not as hard as it can be with adopting advanced digital measures to strengthen their prevention protocols for customers and staff from the spread of the virus with proper guidelines.

The problem that restaurants and bars are facing is not how to maintain preventions anymore because of the help of QR codes, but the virus itself.

Contact tracing will never end as the virus continually progresses. But, menu QR codes contribute a lot by preventing the spread and creating a record of individuals with the use of a QR code generator like QRTiger.

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