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DOs and DON’Ts of Operating a Bouncy Castle Business

If you are professionally head deep into the bouncy castle business, you need to ensure that your business inflatables are maintained well in the long run for a smoother business operation and increased revenues.

As far as the operation of a bouncy castle business is concerned, there are three golden rules, in general. These are:

  • To ensure that the business inflatable is manufactured with the best quality material of all keeping the appropriate industry standard ratings into account.
  • To ensure that the business inflatable is used in exactly the manner in which it is meant to be used [This should be inclusive of things like inflating the castle to the correct pressure and anchoring].
  • Ensuring proper supervision.

Now, in this article, we have compiled a handful number of the few Dos and Don’ts of operating a bouncy castle in the right way. You, as the owner of a bouncy castle hire business, may benefit tremendously from these points, in general. So let’s begin without further ado.

The DOs of bouncy castle operation


  1. DO use the castle in the right way

Every bouncy castle comes with a certain degree of limitation based on the number of individuals that can get on it at one and the same time.

Do ensure that you stick to this rule at all possible cost because if you don’t, it can end in a potential disaster, both from the point of view of your business and your business credibility in general.

So why take the risk? Better be safe than sorry. Just use it the right way, and you’ll be safe for sure.

  1. DO use the blower the right way

The blower must be placed at least four feet away from the bouncy castle at the time of inflation.

And don’t forget to ensure that there’s no obstruction in its path. Otherwise, it can very easily result in an injury. So pay attention as closely as possible.

  1. DO make it a point to check whether the inflatable comes with a valid test certificate or not

Let’s be honest. You aren’t an expert to judge the quality of an inflatable by looks or by touch. You need an expert aid in the matter. The professionally-tested certificate can serve this exact purpose of yours with complete efficiency.

A valid test certificate guarantees the fact that the inflatable quality is right up there with the very best. It also ensures the fact that the inflatable is tested by competent experts at the superior levels.

So make sure that the castle that you’re going to purchase for your bouncy castle hiring business comes with a valid test certificate. Small things like that can go a long way indeed.

  1. DO deflate the castle after use

Always make it a point to collapse the castle after use (ON PRIORITY). This will stop any unsupervised use of the castle which may lead to irreparable damage. A simple act today can save you a lot of hassle for tomorrow.

A few worthy mentions…

  • DO ensure that proper supervision’s done during the time of the session.
  • DO remember to place safety mats on the ground to prevent accidental injuries.
  • DO purchase your business inflatables ONLY from trustworthy dealers.

The DON’Ts of bouncy castle operation


  1. DON’T let anyone get on to the castle at the time of deflation

After session completion, ensure that no one’s there inside the castle at the time of deflation. A simple practice like that can save a whole lot of accidental injuries for the good of your business on the whole.

Bouncy castles can produce unpredictable bounces at the time of deflation which, in turn, can result in accidents without prior notice. So always try to be on the safer side. This technique DOES help.

  1. DON’T let anyone climb your castle walls

Bouncy castles come with walls to keep bouncers safe from any possible injuries. Remember, they are not designed to take any sort of weight on them especially if someone tries to climb the same for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Climbing castle walls can only lead to accidents. So try to prevent such things from happening to the best of your abilities.

Last, but not the least…

  • DO NOT use the castle in high wind.
  • DO NOT allow anybody to get on with sharp objects such as pins, penknives, and other similar things. The slightest mistake can end in a disaster. So beware!

So that more or less sums up everything that we wanted to tell you through this article. It’s time we bring this to an end for now. Hope you had an engaging and a useful read. Bye!


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