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Promoting Your Small Business on Your Own

business-menWhen starting a new business (especially the smaller ones), people are often disheartened about how they will place the product that they are selling on the market. They fear that their product might not place well and that, as a result, it will not sell well. This is why they hire marketing experts to run their marketing for them and they spend a lot of money on it. While this may pay off, it is a large investment to start with and if you are starting a small business, chances are that you will not have that kind of money.

However, there are good news when it comes to business promotion. You can do it yourself, believe it or not. I mean, certainly you will not be able to print the pens yourself (we will get to that later), but you will not need a marketing expert to charge you expensive fees for advice that you can learn for free. With the Internet on the rise and everyone being connected in one big network all around the world, it is possible to shape your own marketing and advertise in a way that you feel is the best, without being overcharged.

To this end, I will present you with a few ideas that might help you on your way towards getting heard everywhere.

News and news creation

People still read the newspapers, believe it or not. They are still the number one way in which people receive information. It does not matter whether they are read over the Internet (in the majority of cases) or in hard copies, they are still a valuable resource for promoting your business. If you have something to share with the world, do it over this medium. If you have nothing to share with the world, invent and create a story that will be placed in the newspaper. There is always something to write about. For example, it might happen that your business has received some award for excellence. Why not write about this and inform the people in your local community. It will certainly bring some good publicity. On a different note, the news may be simply that you have hired a new employee. Today, with the employment crisis being present everywhere, this is, actually, big news. So, you can publish whatever you want about yourself, as long as it brings you publicity.


Events are a way that can greatly help improve your standings with people, attracting the attention of crowds and the media. They are becoming increasingly important for promoting any kind of business. It does not matter which line of work you are in. For example, if you are selling wine, organize a wine tasting event where you will teach people how to taste different wines. Also, you will be able to sell them a few bottles along the way. If you fail at selling, at least everyone involved will be informed about your business. The same goes for everything else. If you sell children’s products, bring the children in for some story-telling. If you can, invite a local celebrity to do so. This will leave a great impression on the kids and they will want their parents to buy your products.


Everyone loves free stuff. In some countries they like it more than in the others (recently, there has been a fight in Serbia when people were given tree samples), but there is not a person in the world who will refuse something that is given to them for free. If that free thing fulfills some purpose, then you have got a hit. So, when you sell one of your products to a customer, add a few more things to it. You can include promotional pens, water bottles and many other things. These things should have your company’s name and logo printed on it. Sure, you cannot print these yourself, but spending a few dollars to have them made will definitely be worth it. It is simple: people like free stuff and they will recommend anyone who gives them free stuff. Also, if you give them a pen, whenever they use that pen, they will think of you and, perhaps, decide to purchase something else from you.

So, when trying to promote your business, remember that you can do it yourself. There is no need to spend a lot of money so that you business will be advertized by a marketing company. Consider these ideas and search around the Internet for more. It’s simple as that.

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