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How to Excel as a Dry Cleaning Business

Many dry cleaners offer a quality of service customers would rate as unexceptional. In most dry cleaning shops customers give their wardrobes and simply pick up them up when they are asked to by those working at the shop. A few dry cleaners however stand out and provide exceptional service which goes over and above what is commonly expected. Such businesses provide a customer experience which others in the industry may have difficulty matching.

One of the key indicators customers use to gauge the competence of a dry cleaning business is by learning how long a company has been in business. Dry cleaners which have been in business for a long time or a new business with experienced staff are both plusses.

4 Key Services That Separate the Exceptional From the Common

In order to serve your customers well you must be well acquainted with the nuances of your business. Customers may not simply require having clothes dry cleaned at your store, many customers in fact may require much more. The following examples reflect what many customers’ need from a modern dry cleaning business which will enable you to stand head and shoulders above your competition.

Pick Up and Drop Off Facility

Sometimes because of busy schedules people may not have time to come to a store either to drop off or to pick up their wardrobe. Providing a facility to make it possible for customers to have clothes picked up from and dropped to their house is a huge customer service bonus and will win your business kudos among your clientele. If customers are pleased with your service they will recommend you to those they know which is obviously good for your business.

Extras at Your Premises

Another service to make your business stand out is to offer extra services at your premises. Having an expert tailor or seamstress at your premises, both of whom can take measurements and provide custom tailoring or alterations is a big win. Services such as these if provided professionally are a huge bonus for any dry cleaning business. The tailors at your premises should be able to handle minor alterations quickly, effectively and with care.

Be More Than a Dry Cleaning Business

If in addition to having their wardrobe cleaned, if your store also offers customers with the opportunity to have others cloth items from their houses cleaned then it reflects very well for your dry cleaning business. Some of the best dry cleaners offer such a facility. In addition being able to provide spot cleaning also makes a great impression. Customers who can have their clothes cleaned at a short moment’s notice at your store are likely to value their relationship with you and are likely to continue coming back. Offering efficient same day service even at a slightly higher price is also regarded as the mark of a well-managed and trustworthy business.

Paying Special Attention to Treasured Items

Many customers with trust in the quality of service you provide will place their most valued items in your care. Items as wedding gowns and items made of fur or suede deserve special attention and care. After such an item has been cleaned the customer must inspect it to ensure the work is to their satisfaction. Only once the customer has had the chance to inspect their prized article of clothing should it be placed in its box or packaging and returned back to the customer.


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